How to use positive confirmation

Positive confirmation, how do they work? What changes can I expect?

Verifications are one of the tools you can use to change your life radically. There is no new age, mysterious, trendy or fashionable. Confirmation is part of the ancient "Secret", rediscovered and reflected in the spotlight with television. film and press, transform with some people in a very wealthy expert.

Verifications have been around where you found language use and it's no secret to use them.

You can basically have everything you want! This tool, if used correctly, will help you change, grow and cure yourself.

I would like to introduce you to the basics of positive affirmation and positive thinking. Later you can browse the web and find out more about this fascinating topic.

When you begin verification, please provide at least thirty days printout time. Depending on the severity of the problem you may need more time and more confirmation to achieve your goals. Talk to your family and friends about your resolution to change and ask for their support. If it's a radical change you're taking care of, the coach will be very useful and suggests the best way to use and to keep you motivated. This is a big step. Opening up your relatives and friends shows your commitment to change and strengthen your intentions.

Do not get discouraged, impatient or off if nothing happens in a week or two. Just remember that you have not become like this one night.

Confirmations can and will change your way of life and perception.

Confirmations support the positive thinking and together they form a very powerful and effective tool. They act as "passwords" and "positive messages and dictated" directly to oneself. You consciously link and direct your positive thinking in the areas of your life you want to change or cure. It acts as a reminder for yourself say, to keep positive messages at the forefront of consciousness.

The gain of confirmation is medically well known and really active.

However, negative thoughts are as powerful. So be aware of your negative thoughts as they are mainly destructive passwords: Psychological methods that make your life rotten.

First, let's see how you are aware of your thoughts.

Do you regularly have more positive or negative thoughts through you?

Only you can honestly answer So, get ready.

If the subconscious mind is throwing lots of negatives thoughts, you must do some brain drain before you go to the desired new positive confirmation mode.

This may be very familiar to you as your mind changes with thoughts like: "I do not like it, I like it, I feel good, I hate him / she's afraid, I do not want to see me like that, I'm not sure, I feel rotten. "

Perhaps your mind interprets your experience as an internal discussion. These thoughts are formed on the deep levels of your faith that are formed and accumulated from the time you were born.

We can not control most external events in our lives, but we control how we interpret and respond to them.

We create our own reality.

Changing our interpretation changes in our reality.

So be aware of your thoughts. If you change your mind, big changes will happen in your life.

Take a moment to think why you are dealing with something or someone.

Get in touch with you. Accept the fact that these thoughts might have helped you in the past but they are not present right now because you have chosen to accept only positive thoughts and positive lives.

While making new verification, your mind will let you down a negative message, even if you're not aware of it.

Also watch the immunity in yourself. With certain confirmations you can ask, "What's in your throat" – "are you kidding?"

It's okay, it's an old habit that's going to change. You grew up and had these thoughts for almost your entire life. Now it's time to form a new routine and you need a lot of exercises.

Let's start.

What do you want your life to be?

Think about it and write it down.

Completing your work, happy family, better health, financial security?

Do not hold back, go to it.

For beginners, the easiest way to choose and write down two or three items you want to change.

For example, if you feel unfaithful and financially attached, one of your assertions could be: "I am now ready to gain more love and wealth" and you can add "from the high availability of the universe."

If you also wrote down a little self esteem & # 39; The confirmation could be: "I'm an awesome man / woman and I feel good about me".

Be creative, in advance and fearless. You are making a statement about your intentions.

Here are some simple instructions:

1. Present. Start all your confirmations in modern times and get them already done. You're telling from the awareness that the confirmation is going on now and it's final. I'm happy, I wonder for joy, I've trusted. It's stronger and much more powerful, but I'll be happy, or I'm going to be happy and so on.

2. How to phrase your confirmation. You can copy from a comprehensive list you find on the Internet, use the examples below or simply write it down in your own words. Make it as clear or as poetic as you speak. "I'm energetic and full of interest." I'm confident, I'm a good man / woman. I attract positive people, I release my anger. "Make a copy of it and go around the house, the car and your desk desk. The more you are reminded of positive confirmation, the more your mind takes on the new concept you are coming. You must create a new positive reality and

3. Positive means Positive . The subconscious usually emphasizes the verb and links it to previous experiences. If you have fear, phobias or whatever, be careful with your choice of words. frightened and say I'm not short, you list what I'm lacking. NOT being adjusted and ignored by your mind. Say instead I'm dedicated or I'm safe. Do not use confirmations that have a negative attachment. take good care of accepting, I wonder I wish I am. I developed one confirmation to counter the negative thought that historically chooses, so I suggest you add the batch, "I AGREE FOR ANY GOOD AND CONFIRMATION. "

When you wake up, say your confirmation high or five times. Repeat the same process three to four times a day, the last one before you go to sleep.

I suggest you end the confirmation with the keys. Gratitude strengthens and affirms confirmation. Thank God, Jesus, Spirit, Power, the Universe, or whatever you believe and feel good.

Show your confirmation with feelings and feelings. See you exactly as you are voting. add advanced psychological dimensions and have a much deeper impact on your mind. Using this method of visualization early in the morning and at night will make your confirmation much better.

You can use confirmation to build self-esteem, self-esteem, self-esteem and personal growth. It can also help to conquer fear and anger management r have been used to relieve anxiety and depression and are a great tool for managing weight.

If you visit the site under positive affirmations, you will find numerous books and confirmations to help you.

Here are some examples of confirmation by subject:


"I am ready to love and be loved"

"I am surrounded by love "19659049]" I Love and Accept Me Like I am "

" The Love I Give Out Brings Me Multiply "

" I'm a loving and beautiful creative person and this is reflected in my relationships


"I am now ready to receive more love, support and wealth from the massive supply of the universe."

"I see the beauty in my environment, and I keep joy and love."

19659002] Auður
"I deserve all that is good and prosperous in my life"

"Money flows to me from expected and unexpected sources"

"I deserve to collect all the wealth and the rich prizes of success my "

" My income is steadily increasing "[1 9659049] "I'm well, I'm good and I'm free."

"Abundance, as the river flows

" I allow all immune system wealth and goodness of the universe to flow into me easily " 19659002] Self-esteem – personal
"I have the power to bring

" I'm protected, guided and connected to the highest quality at all times "

" My personality is radiant of success, beauty and happiness "

I am an awesome man / woman and I feel good about myself. "

" I am in peace with my choice and what life throws in my way "

" I acknowledge and honor my talents, talents and skills "19659002]" I choose to live my life in a way that makes me happy "

" I change my quality of life now, the better in every possible way.

Have a Great Trip

Great Love

Ton Pascal


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