How your thoughts affect your breast size

Close your eyes for a moment and create a mental image of yourself. Imagine the way you are now and concentrate on drawing each body part in concentration, one by one. Start from your head on your head and follow your hairline down to your face, your curls, your shoulder line, your breasts, your middle, all the way down to your hips, thighs and always your toes.

Next, explore how you feel like a mental camera zooms in on each body part. For most people, factors in the body of noise emit when they emphasize and other body parts that cause dissatisfaction when they come into focus.

This is the image you store and various body parts.

If you are reading this article, you probably have a sense of dissatisfaction when you focus on your breasts. As your mind was a fan in your breast area, you might find yourself unexpected to wish that these areas were bigger, firmer, fuller, rounder, equal, etc.

This is quite common. Of all the body parts we are well-equipped with, the breasts are pointing to overwhelming emphasis. Almost everyone has an opinion about them, whether they are own or others. In contrast to other parts of the body – say the stomach – the breasts are something that most people know consciously of being satisfied or, as usually, dissatisfied with.

You are probably already aware of this fact. You've experienced it right now, as your mental camera walked into your chest. Think for a moment – if you keep these ideas, feelings and emotions in your breasts consciously … how is your unconscious mind seeing your breasts?

Or more important, what does your subconscious belief be true about your breasts? Do you think your breasts are beautiful, strong, big and bounce or think they are great, sick, daring and just not growing no matter what you do?

If you have tried some natural breast enhancements and had no luck with any of them, your subconscious certainly took a firm belief in the breasts that do not allow your breasts to grow simply because larger sex does not match your idea about the subconscious concept of what the body looks like.

Before you begin to see any external changes to your body, you need to change the body's internal appearance. But how is this possible, ask yourself when I'm watching my breasts now and they're simply not what I want?

Okay, as you look in a mirror, it reflects back to the breasts that are not of the ideal size, shape, etc. And you accept this image as reality, your reality, the reality of your breasts. You're just a woman who's breastfeeding like they are now. It's genetics, you tell yourself. Or that's my lifestyle. Or it's just my luck.

Do not be prepared to accept what you think is real. Your subconscious mind is the biggest part of your mind and its effects are much, much more than your conscious mind – and you know how much it is.

It is the subconscious that holds your memories, feelings, opinions, practices, behaviors, values, programming and instincts. Your subconscious mind controls the various neurons in your body to store the information your body needs to work. According to a quantum physicist, David Bohm, each neuron in the body is like a hologram that contains all the details of the subconscious. This information stored in neurons is taken out throughout the body.

If you have information that your breasts are not and will not grow, this information is stored and handled by every cell in your body. It is not surprising that your breasts do not grow – they should not be under the subconscious script you currently think.

So how do you change this subconscious drawing to one of the people with bountiful beautiful breasts?

You must begin to change how you feel about your breasts, how the subconscious minds your body, their breasts and their abilities to beauty and growth.

Words and thoughts turn on images and images in our minds. Such images come to represent us what is possible, what we can achieve. These perspectives have an amazing influence on your subconscious because it basically sends your subconscious message that imagination is actually slow. What you believe you can do, you can do.

But how do you train your mind that has become so accustomed to thinking negatively about your breasts and your body? The easiest way to achieve this is hypnosis.

Hypnosis draws our attention to mind – the part that observes the physical condition of the unhappy breasts and judges them – in a calm, quiet condition, so that we can work directly under our subconscious without interference.

Then visual images are created – positive perspectives that show exactly what kind of drawing you want to keep subconscious about yourself – and stored in the idea of ​​our mind.

Visual effects that occur in a mesmerizing condition have a much deeper effect than confirmation that you can grow larger breasts, as these perspectives pass intelligent consciousness and get directly relevant to the subconscious mind.

You can consciously believe that a natural breast enhancement is possible. After all, most breast growth is natural – it happens all the time, during puberty, pregnancy and even by changing your diet and lifestyle. Yet, if your subconscious is believing that your breasts were not intended to grow very large, all cognitive roots in the world will not convince your breasts to grow.

Remember that what you believe instincts to be true will be realized. Trying to increase natural breast extraction with hypnosis is quite safe, often free, method to increase your breast size.

While you are perfectly able to visualize your way to larger breast ones, I recommend using hypnosis guidance for initial guidance.

Find a quiet place, turn on hypnosis guide, and allow yourself to create a new drawing today.

Hypnosis makes these perspectives created by our minds even more powerful.


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