I'm in innovation

When do you hear the words innovation, what comes to mind? Technology? Biometrics? Virtual reality? Androids? Data processing? Hologram? Wearable device? Driving cars? Let's look at it, innovation is nothing new, but it's become our sizzling buzzword of the century. Not to be confused with the word invention, innovation provides better solutions for unlimited or current market needs.

In order to survive on business today, regardless of the size of your business or industry, the creation of new internal processes, new products, new additions to service offerings or overall business structures is important. Innovation may mean creating something new (idea, method or device) or changes to existing product.

These 8 key factors will help you stay focused on your innovation policy:

1. Ideas : Abstract ideas, spiritual representation of images you have to create, increase or reinvest your product or service for your business.

2. Imagination : Creative ability to visualize, shape, transform and integrate these concepts into practical products or solutions.

3. Inspiration: The process of learning with visual thoughts or divine effects by moving intellect to movements and emotions.

4. Study: Discover, learn, collect or ask information and resources to produce a final product for your users.

5. Authentication: To acknowledge and bring your idea or invention into a feasible and reasonable opportunity and benefit to market your product or service.

6. Investment: Capital, educational or temporary asset that will provide productivity for future profits and growth development of the organization.

7. Integrity: Ethics in all areas of business practices influences culture to attract new customers, increases loyalty among current employees and influences the organization of celebrities in collaboration with stakeholders, business partners and suppliers.

8. Influencer: Those individuals or influenza (eg stories, reviews) that have a positive or negative effect on the decision making of potential buyers. Opportunities in your marketing efforts, social impact, power of conviction, employee co-operation and other external relations affect support and promotion.

Innovation involves disturbing thinking, passion, putting the plan into place and unbearable perseverance, while delivering outstanding customer experience, meeting their needs and making a difference in their lives.


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