Importance of the Goal in Golf

Golf is a sport like no one else – where can you either feel emotions; hills and logs, in one long walk with a character and a ball?

What is fascinating with golf? For me, life is like four hours. In order to get out of the other end, you must be able to fight your inner demons; emphasize your strength, be positive, focused and safe – otherwise you are in a rough ride.

In this article, I want to emphasize how your golf goal will create motivation and extraordinary confidence in yourself to help you succeed and how you can simply set goals and achieve them the positive impact that this will also have on your & # 39; self-confidence & # 39;

Motivation is very important for this process … How often have your little voice said, I always get in the fifteenth hole and feel very tired, or "I can not seem to be interested in anything special about my golf!" ; – Are you sure you can add these?

In order for you to create a game of golf you want to play, or definitely the life you want to lead, you need to set goals: fulfill your commitment to these goals and change the habits you have created that prevent you from achieving what you really want.

Note: The goals are dreams with a date that accompanies!

The question is often the following question when I'm talking about this subject – "How many of you have set yourself on the goal of lowering your disability this year?" Guess how many viewers put their hands up – yes, almost everyone?

Then I ask the next two questions, if they had similar goals the year before and how many actually got it. Again, many hands go up for the first part of the questions, but for the second part almost every hand sits down.

The goal is to take the emotional process we are participating on a regular basis, but what we tend to do is the goal in our minds and expect them to do – we do nothing to change habits that are preventing us from reaching them or creating a plan to get there.

As the month goes on and you have not achieved what you thought you would only serve as another nail in the chest to lower your self esteem. It makes it a negative self-esteem to kick in and tell you what failure you're back!

It is important to truly desire & # 39; what you seek You really have to want the changes you're looking for with all your heart when you set yourself some goals. Let us evaluate performance, for example, if this value means you play constantly well and take care of the disability over two this season, then by thinking and believing and living it. At any moment, you're more likely to succeed.

Remember that you become what you think most of the time!

Also remember when setting goals that you need to be yours, not other nations or what you think you should do because those around you say that.

Often amateur golfers will come to me because they do not enjoy the game of their golf and can not understand why. It sometimes happens because they put unnecessary pressure on them because they have believed that they should play golf at a certain standard. What they have often bought is the faith of others.

Therefore, it's so IMPORTANT to understand yourself – to create a real sense of self-worth and inner trust so that you can enjoy your hobbies the way you want – not as anyone else thinks you should!

So before you decide to clear the goals, make sure they are in line with what you want to otherwise set yourself to fail again.

Above all, write them down – set a monthly goal to reach and celebrate them when you do. Finally, start your mind and then take out what you need to change every day to make them happen.

It may mean you submit a monthly lesson with your Club Pro, which makes it a driving distance once a week and spends time in a short game and play.

You can also work through your mental game with my online program – but whatever you choose to do, you need to commit and have an action plan. Keeping the same will lead to the same results.

Remember: You're what you think most of the time – so they make positive and effective thoughts and watch the results happen!


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