Important goal to set and achieve

Ask – Ask yourself what you want. To start reaching the goal, you must ask yourself the most important question you can ask. "What is I really want?" The purpose is what drives people through difficult times and guides them when the person has no reason. If you are not fully targeted to your goal then it is definitely guaranteed that you will not achieve it.

Decide exactly what you want, exactly. To want a "lot" of money will not work. To want a "better" life will not work. What are you going to do with the money and exactly how good life you want.

"Success is a progressive implementation of valuable ideals." Earl Nightingale

Visualize – Demonstrate Your Achievement. When you begin to visualize yourself in achieving the goal, you are training your subconscious mind to believe that you have it now, this is an absolutely important part of the goal. The subconscious mind does not have the ability to distinguish between what is real and what is not. Close your eyes and imagine biting a big juicy Lemon. Do it and see if your mouth starts to water. But, you really do not eat a lemon?

Do not believe in visualization? Ask Jack Nicklaus if he has ever seen a golf shot before returning, he did, he called "going to the movies". Ask Michael Jordan if he, as a teenager, always appeared to win the NBA Championship.

All wealthy and successful men are dreams, they are great dreams, if you want to read the great story of power visualization looked up the Jim Nantz and Freddy Couples story, then it's quite amazing story that does not get enough say! Vision goes far beyond sports you will find it as a factor in all success story.

Identify – Identify a plan to achieve the goal. The aim of the program is to succeed. They form these plans with ease. If you have trouble setting a plan to succeed, do not worry. Setup requires imagination, thinking and thinking. This will come to you when you have clear goals in your eyes.

The scheme can start with a paper or spreadsheet. Many of the biggest plans in the story were put together as a chicken scratch on the napkin. Ideas are the result of imagination and ideas are the starting point of all talents.

When you begin to understand the law that reaches the goal, your awareness of possibilities will increase and planning will gain some confidence that people are accustomed to. There is no way to plan without goals and the goal is worthless without the program. The development of the goal is the key to developing the plan.

"No problem can resist an attack on persistent thinking" Voltaire

Desire – Want to aim for the goal you have set. Desire is absolutely necessary to create wealth. But the desire of your own will not bring you destiny. Perseverance along with desire is the magic that will transform ideas and purposes into monetary wealth. In order for this reaction to occur, you must begin to succeed.

Successful men make their minds quickly and they change their mind rarely, if they change them at all. Average people make up their minds slowly and change their minds often. Intuition is what makes one able to make these quick decisions and decisions apply to this world.

A long time ago, a warrior defeated his army in battle, the only trip with the ships carrying the army there. They faced a much larger army as his outnumbered with almost two to one. His army was asking him and doubting that they could win a battle. The warrior then ordered the ships to burn and when they burned, he said

"You see the ships go up in smoke, we can not understand these beaches without working, we work or we die."

Needless to say they have won a battle.

That's its desire.

Just remember: Ask – Visualize – Identify – Desire.


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