Innovation – 6 Steps to Innovation and Creation

Studies have shown that children are 95% creative when they are 5 years old. When they are 12, creativity has gone to 4%. This shows how schooling and development change the way children think and when they move more to adulthood, creativity is subject to submission.

Creation is important, especially in business, to be competitive, provide opportunities for staff and create a constructive environment that has no constraint on free thinking.

By transforming these creative ideas into action, companies can become innovations and leaders in their field.

Research has shown that highly successful companies are very innovative and have been able to integrate innovation and creativity into their business processes.

Interestingly, however, most companies consider actual innovation to be very important. However, they are low on the developmental model.

How do these very innovative business transforms from being traditional thoughtful thinkers to flow, open minded, and executives?

Step 1 – Innovation must come from the top and receive CEOs, direct managers and their teams below. Innovations of thought leaders must go through the agency.

Step 2 – Innovative thinking can only happen when teams are coherent, embracing change and are open to new ideas.

Step 3 – Everyone must support business vision or project and know that there are many ways to achieve these goals. Without this, not everyone is working on the same goal.

Step 4 – Provide encouragement and motivation by welcoming staff to receive and demonstrate new thoughts.

Step 5- Make time to be innovative. If your teams are busy with the built-up daily constraints in their business projects, there is little potential for creativity or time for innovation.

Step 6 – Be sure to have a process that uses and emphasizes creativity and innovation, as it will be successful in the idea of ​​effective reality.

There are some great courses and speakers available that offer technology to assist in new thoughts. Take the time to create your ideas and make them realistic.


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