Innovation and creativity – How to make your ideas true

Everyone has ideas.

Every life trip every day, people have ideas. But not many of these ideas always grow into something real. The reason for this is that an idea is worthless until it develops the skills to develop it. Similarly, seed seeds are lifeless until it grows. Without the right environment, the idea is as dead as some seeds.

The ability to develop an idea is not a matter of money. The art of developing an idea is the most fundamental in business. It requires a number of talents and abilities. These skills need to be used to create conditions for growth.

FTSE 100 companies spend millions developing infrastructure simply to support this art. The venture capital fund and some investment banking have developed economic sectors dedicated to the practice of this art. There is a great structure that is present with the sole purpose of developing ideas in business.

Our business is working in this field. In fact, there are very few who have the ability to create the perfect environment for an idea on their own. But this should not be preventative. The greatest skill of all successful executives is to identify scope and develop solutions. We strongly believe that people should not be discouraged from following their ideas simply because they lack some common skills. They just need to use them from other places. The belief that you can do everything yourself is usually a flaw in business.

Imagine living in town and you noticed there is no homemade beer in the area. You do some market research and find that this is a huge growth in the UK. You have been able to find a car in the market. Congratulations on having a family backdrop in Brewing ale and then you decide that you will set up your own local Brewery in your home town.

Imagine now that you are a good owner of a pub in a small town. You are approaching a man who sells some kind of new beer. He enters with a few promotional materials and no clear brand. He does not show clearly and has no relevant information to give you information about the source and content of his product. After a 15-minute conversation, you can not understand what's different about your beer and why you want it. You quickly decide that you do not want a problem dealing with this company. Even if the beer is cheaper, you are not sure that they would deliver reliably or because your customers would buy it.

It sounds far fetched, but this is a very real difference between the ideas and the reality we encounter in companies every day. The fact is that the brewer had a very good idea to install the pier. There was probably a lot about this company he did very well. However, if you spoke to this broker, he would tell you that after doing the brew and running the company, he did not have time for such small activities like marketing and sales. After all, he had to buy and sell raw materials, produce his products, meet his accountant, develop new types of beers …

Small business owners and people who develop ideas tend to focus on their strengths. And they have many. Unfortunately, the value of the idea and your business is not higher than your lowest denominator. Think of running a company that provides a framework for your strength to shine. Nobody will pay attention to good sales technology if your brand is looking for hobbies. Just like no one will buy your big beer without being sure they can see their strength. The image frame for all small businesses or business ideas must be strong and consistent so that people can view the strength of the product / idea itself.


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