Innovation and creativity – the importance of new ideas

What is the difference between creativity and innovation? When you look at both words in dictionaries, it is clear that these two words are mixed and sometimes even synonymous. So here are my definitions that I hope you are useful and realistic.

Creation is coming up with ideas that are different from everything you already know. Innovation is when the ideas are also new to the world and have value that someone would want and pay for.

First, the ideas must evolve. Then there is a quest to see if someone else has already thought about it. And finally, market research will determine if anyone finds value and will buy it. Sometimes the last step is done by putting the idea on the market and testing sales directly because the inventor / developer is sure to hit it. Sometimes the idea is taken directly on the market because the developer believes it is the best test and does not allow competitors to steal the idea.

Then go back for a moment and explore how these creative ideas can come on ever more and more as it's the first step in innovation. Although sudden inspiration can happen, idea creation is predictable if you have strategies to think and document a lot of ideas all the time and give you a much better chance that some of them will reach the level of innovation.

Here are some ways to proceed with the ideas you get.

Most people think we will not forget when we come up with a good idea. After all, if it looks like a tall man, how could you forget? Unfortunately, if you do not write it down you can easily forget it. Have some way to comment on you all the time. A small pad of paper or notebook, break one piece of paper, napkin or phone if you can enter a note or write a short message to you. You can even call your own number and understand the message in your voicemail.

Leonardo da Vinci always wrote a small notebook and made comments and sketches about his ideas and thoughts.

It's common to wake up in the evening with one of these ideas about light bulbs. If you've been dealing with ongoing problems you're trying to solve, your brain will continue to work on it in your dreams. Keep a laptop or pad of paper, pen and small trains or flashlights. No matter how sleepy you find and how sure you are at the moment you will remember this morning, write it down – at least write enough keywords or phrases to remind you what it was all about.

Creation is how you fill the funnel with many ideas so that some of them are true innovations.


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