Innovation Department – Four Requirements for Innovation

Innovation is the quality of life of all organizations. It is therefore important that we have a good and innovative explanation. Innovation can apply a lot. Usually, the term is used in a new product, but it can also be used to describe new methods, methods or inventions.

Here are four fundamental definitions of innovation:

1. Something New

Everyone likes something new. How many ads have you seen using the words "new and better"? We want all the latest and best products and ways to do things. Newness, however, is just the beginning.

2. Better than what is present

New because of being new is low value. It will also be improved. New and improved toothpaste must have new which increases its active value. A new office process must actually do something better than the old way.

3. Economically realistic

Does it save or save money? If it is not, it should not be implemented. If new and better toothpaste makes more sales that in turn gives more profit, it's a profitable addition. If the new office method improves the efficiency of the workplace, thus saving labor costs, it makes the company more profitable.

4. Comprehensive appeal

All the first 3 factors are very important and even linked to this. However, there must be a basis for appeal to the new innovation. If not, it will not sell. If a new and better toothpaste is a liquorice flavored, it could have a very limited appeal. It's new and added. Liquorice can even be a cheaper flavor to execute it as others. If nobody wants it, it's not true innovation.

The same applies to your office change. if it requires action that nobody wants in the office, it is judged from the beginning.


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