Innovation for Business – Innovations of Your Internal Business Rules

When developing an innovation plan, it is important to discuss ways to utilize internal business practices. Take the time to think about the various steps in internal business technology and look for ways to simplify or eliminate steps to optimize those strategies.

However, before going on to use business procedures, then an important preliminary question: Is the method necessary?

I recently worked with an electronics repair company. The company had a comprehensive "registration process" that was completed every morning before the store opened. The procedure required the employee to print a report on all "open" repair instructions from the computer. Then an employee handling file process that morning checked to make sure that each device in repair was actually in the store. The employee manually ticked each device in the list.

This process took over an hour every morning and employees hated it. When I started asking questions about the procedure, I learned that the completed checklist was filed away and never used again. And if they could not find a device shown in the pristine list, it was listed on the list, but it was not expected to decide what was missing. When I asked why they did, the answer was "this method is essential in our policies and procedures of our business". After discussing the procedures for a few individuals, including retailers, I learned that there was no reason to continue the daily procedure.

There is no greater waste of time and resources than trying to streamline business technology that does not need to be done in the first place.

View your own internal procedures and make sure that there are valid business reasons to continue these methods. If the procedure is necessary, you can start looking for ways to optimize this method.


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