Innovation: Inner Vs External

I was a recently asked question – Is innovation before or after culture within the organization?

I spent time thinking about the question and realized that the answer depends on where you get your innovation. Let me explain.

Some companies have culture that stimulates and encourages innovation, and some do not. It's not enough to say you're an innovative company – you've got to walk too.

Organizations that run innovation start internally with the company's leadership and are nurtured in the company's culture at all levels, always, not just on a regular or special basis.

Some companies do not focus on this and seek innovation from advisors, from new product groups and design companies. One way or the other is not good or bad, right or wrong – it's just that.

I value and strongly believe companies that get their innovation from outside parties because they recognize their strength and focus – they employ and collaborate with others who support their praise, help them achieve their goals and vision them. This increased focus on core business, rather than focusing on innovation, keeps the company moving fast and momentum, while working in partnership with the focus on innovation team to improve business, product and high-quality customers. Value is the result of such activities.

Innovation is something new, something better, it's about change. It can be a change of product, service, new policy that opens up new markets and even new methods.

It's the best part of innovation – it comes from creativity and open mind – it comes from exploring abstract and absurd ideas – never put down or criticize, but allow them to flow. It comes from being open to all possibilities.

If you wonder why your business is not as innovative as you like, review your business and ask yourself – Do I help to encourage and promote innovative culture – do my staff feel comfortable and free to share those ideas? or are they closed for all possibilities?

Just remember – at the end of the day, the goal is to win a game of the company. Your goal is to make your business profitable by providing your customers with the products they want. No matter where the ideas come from – if it makes your business better – is not that really?


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