Innovation is a recession-evidence

Hard times come. Hard times go.

The market fluctuates.

Economy ebb and flow.

But one thing is certain (besides death and taxes) – Innovation is king. It trumps stagnation. And it encourages growth.


Because even consumer recessions assess new ideas, products and services that are more realistic or exciting, or it saves money or amuses them. So take a moment and look around how many new contraction ideas you find. More than likely you will be surprised.

To help you in this little exercise, we have 10 consumer trends that we consider to affect consumers, business and technology in 2010 …

1.) Business as Unusual
Recession, what recession? Look at the social changes that are happening now and that will affect 2010 and the future is not necessarily the result of the recession. So on, communication has changed forever. When the economy returns, do not expect the situation to be in contact with consumers to return as it was. We're on!

2.) Urban
City culture is thriving. Extreme urbanization will lead to more complex and challenging consumers. Even in more rural areas.

3.) Real Time Games
We've said this before, so keep on preparing for "Review-Lution." What product or service you are selling, get ready to review it by everyone, live and in real time, 24/7.

4.) (F) luxury
What is the status? What is luxury? They are tied together, but they are becoming more and more violent. As a result, luxury will be what they want it to be.

5.) Mass Mingling
Do not watch now, but we are seeing a growing paradigm – "People interact more online. People interact more in person." The device in this paradox is that consumers, the desire for real worlds, live human relations. And that more online networks only encourage their needs and abilities to meet live and personal.

6.) Eco-Easy
As people and consumers want to do the right thing, the dominant human nature is doing the easiest. So maybe brands and businesses are forced to ease by limiting choices.

7.) Tracking and Alerts
Ah, a new "search". As we continue to decipher our information, new services will appear as an abnormal target of increasing the username of the management.

8.) Embedded Generosity
Search for realistic and cooperative gift products for consumers.

9.) Profile Mining
At the moment there are hundreds of millions of networks. But how can each user expect to maintain, update and foster all this information? Look like a business opportunity for us.

10.) Maturialism
With all blogging, reviewing and texting, consumers have grown more and more opinion. Finally, this outstanding character is the word "raw" and "even" and "risky." The only question we have for your brand is how to be?

Okay, we've given you a good start to This project. Please hesitate to report back and let us know about the innovations you bring to the market.


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