Innovation is free

Quality is free

I have worked in the past 11 years for quality management in information technology (implementing CMMi, People CMM, ISO, PMBok) from the 16th industry, and I've been convinced of the truth in the book "Quality is free "by Philip B. Crosby. In that book, the author emphasizes doing things for the first time does not add anything to the cost of a product or service. What costs and costs significantly in terms of recycling, testing, warranty, inspection and after-sales service is to make things wrong.

It can also be described as an "effort to build quality in the process and implement the same thing (by establishing quality system, QMS training, review, continuous improvement, etc.). Payments multiple times with savings on recycling and repeat orders from satisfied customers, which you can say that the quality in itself is free. " Now go on my suggestions …

The proposal

Inspired by this experience, when we go into the innovation revolution, I see the investment we propose to set up culture and environment, where new ideas are welcome and mistakes are allowed to experiment with them, pay independently. Profitability in innovation management will be even greater than the profitability of quality management. Thus, my proposal is that "Innovation Management is required to manage the changing needs of customers and survival, but this investment will also benefit from the joy of customers and growth growth in the global market – so you can say that innovation is free."

This must not be as prominent as "Quality is free" today. But my effort to participate in this conversation may be the beginning to get there. There are the costs of choosing the right innovations, design, development and marketing. But if Total Quality Management concepts are embedded in an organization, just by offering systems and infrastructure for innovation management, we can increase the likelihood of new solutions that will lead to customer satisfaction and improved business today and tomorrow.

I'm sure when Philip Crosby said, "Quality is free", people would have wondered how it could be. They would have confused quality with grades and said, "Better quality products are always expensive." Or they would have confused quality with kindness and said: "Not everyone can produce good quality. There are good employees and injured." Crosby defined quality consistent with specific specifications as managers say and not some vague idea of ​​"goodness". This information is neither random nor; They must be tailored to the needs of the customers and the will. Now we all agree that everyone can gain knowledge, skills and career skills based on his strengths and produce a good job.

Similarly, "innovation free" will doubt doubts about "Can innovation be established?" "Can you teach creativity?" etc. Let me define the definition for "Planning Innovation". OI is a novel that adds better to today's customers demand and tomorrow, and makes the business venture in business relations to be performed based on the results of the results and actually brings the operating costs. "With this definition, we will see how chat can be performed at the organizational level.

Innovation Management System

Do IMS Need? Yes, of course. IM policy should clarify that the agency believes that everybody can innovate in spite of their level in the organization and the necessary support will be provided. The key to innovation is to ask the right questions rather than find the correct answers. Sometimes the question is that innovation! Finding an answer to that question can follow a systematic approach. The question procedure should provide instructions on how to ask the right questions and find a realistic response with pilots. Finally, if the innovation can be used between the organization, it should be done using QMS. to feature forums and instructors that can turn on ideas for innovation.

QMS and quality control can not be prevented from organizing innovation Companies. Other new products and services including Y meet changes to requirements but will cease to meet the original requirements.

Training and orientation

Training for innovation can be more effective with guidance and training. Books, videos, etc. from a powerful speaker can turn on the fire. Do not forget about MS Academy courses.


Review usually emphasizes inconsistencies and disadvantages and does not apply to innovation management. Instead of participating in training, the trainer may ask the entrepreneur to create an Audit List and use it to measure progress. What about measurements and prizes and so forth?


Measurement should be limited to profitability and not just the number of innovations.

Culture and Environment

Transparency, Flexibility, Empowerment, Customer Relationship and Management Focus are essential for setting up renewable, sustainable, innovative corporate culture.

Award and Recognition

As we have defined OI in relation to operating results, it is automatically stated that entrepreneurs, coaches and innovation consultants should be rewarded and acknowledged. But all of them are in the game to satisfy seeing their idea of ​​work and not for the money. So do not worry – Innovation will remain free.


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