Innovation – One Step In Front Of The Market

Most entrepreneurs spend 16-18 hours on their laptops, take calls and spend many hours with different department heads to improve operating performance. They spend a lot of time improving their processing in the hope that one day they would improve their productivity and satisfy their customers. Hopefully they would soon become a leader.

I'm sorry for the head of department who spend a lot of time with their team to tell them why they need a process and how it would help them achieve their goals. But entrepreneurs hardly realize that what matters is innovation.

Exactly, eyes and eyes, eyes and innovation. What is innovation? Just finding a new way to do things? To get more and patent? Invest more and more in research and development without a goal? No at all. These are different activities in the process of innovation.

So what exactly is innovation? Innovation is definitely not introducing something new but introducing something that would take the company one step further. What I mean to say is that something new that is introduced is not an innovation. It's just a part of gaining innovation. Innovation is achieved only when it adds to the value of the companies no testing and error, although it is one of the most important factors in achieving innovation.

What should companies do? Companies should employ a process that is defined very clearly in terms of objectives and objectives. This should be a very small team of skilled professionals who can think out of the box and do not affect the current process, culture or something for that matter. This point should be very fresh with ideas under the guidance of a dedicated specialist who can lead them successfully.

Once you've set up something like this, you can have these people work on one aspect of your business and ask them to come up with different approaches. The leader needs to understand that this is only an idea and he really needs to take care of implementation and marketing methods within the organization. The reason he should be responsible for the fact that no-one else in the organization should have understood the current culture better than him and he can subtly do it without many objections.

These methods should have the power to improve business, make a positive impact on the customer and constantly distinguish you from your competitors. When you clearly see the changes in the lives of people, customers or vendors, you can say that we are innovations unless you are just working on innovation.


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