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When I think about innovation, I think of creative people, people who have transformed the world with new ways of doing things. In the business world, you will find it difficult to find better example of continuous innovation, than Microsoft and Apple. And I think it's not a coincidence that these two big-scale companies have become known as innovation leaders. This is not a matter of their success despite the powerful competitive market where they operate, but because of . The more the competitive market you work in, the more you will be forced to take advantage of to survive. It is easy to think that innovation is a feature that belongs exclusively to large multinational companies like Microsoft and Apple, but you must keep in mind that both of these companies were first and foremost started with their founders & # 39; garages – they were not always big, but they were always innovations. And the competition between them and other early players in the market has driven their new tendencies even further.

Today's business faces competition in more areas than ever before. Your contest does not even have to have a place of sale in the same country as you are anymore. The internet has made it almost everyone's ability to flip off your market share from almost anywhere with just a few thousand dollars worth of software and some clever web design. Innovation has become important for today's business. But do not take my word for it. What does Bill Gates and Steve Jobs think about innovation and its importance for business?

"We must always say to ourselves:" We must take advantage. We must come up with this breakthrough. – Bill Gates

Interview between leaders and a – Steve Jobs

I hear you say, "Great for you Bill & Steve, but I do not have all the money in the world for research and development to bring the next big thing in my industry. "But innovation needs only one – an emphasis is placed on launching the path to innovation, even in most potentially general areas of the company. According to, innovation simply means the introduction of new things or methods. That means you do not have to be at the forefront of outstanding technology, you simply have to come up with something different or different way of doing things.

I put together some ideas to help you get started by making innovations in your business that can lead to sustainable, competitive advantage. They are simple, yet great. It's not always the "biggest thing that saves bread" of ideas that make the biggest difference in business. Sometimes, there are simpler ideas that can be implemented faster and easier Before you continue reading, prepare your mind to v You are open to the possibilities that are for your business now – think of things that might stare you right in the face. You do not have to reuse the bike, just figure out how to make more people not buy a bike from anyone but you and you and start over again.

Idea # 1 – Distribute your "individual".

What is the biggest difference your customers notice about doing business with you instead of doing business with your competition? What do customers love to do business with you? What are you always finishing? Do you have a better product? Do you have a better way to deliver your product? Are you more "user friendly"? Are there any types of customers better suited to using your product than your competitor? Have you found a niche? Take the answers to these questions and start using your "unique ness". Think about what makes you and your business a bit, especially if these factors would be difficult to copy, even if your competition would copy those very elements. Now, think about how you can apply these aspects of your business or product to all other aspects of your business, industry, people, and supply chain. You should try to apply these levels to the difference in as many areas of your business as possible so that every aspect of your business relationship gives you the same competitive advantage over and over again. This is the simplest form of innovation. By taking what's unique about your business and applying more and more your business until almost everything you do is as unique and special as what you've come to be known for, tap into the most powerful innovation All – Brand Innovation . Creating an innovative brand can speak a volume about your business without having to say a word – and it can make your customers a tangible raving FANS who does not want to trade with anyone else, regardless of it.

Idea # 2 – It's more than one way to tax a cat.

Think about the "input" that applies to your business. How do you get the product ready to sell? If you are a manufacturer, what are the components of what you build? If you are a service company, what are the steps involved in providing your service to the user? Now think about what your product or service is doing to your customers. For example, many would expect McDonald to be in the food business. Let's look at it; Even if you're particularly fond of McDonald's food, it's either the nourishing or the most adequate option out there. But McDonalds is still one of the most successful companies in the world because they constantly provide not only food, but convenience. It's being comfortable, even more than other "fast food", that McDonald has held an amazing momentum for decades. Once you've analyzed your business input, "How" to get your product or service in the hands of your customers, consider all in light of what you are completely delivering that is useful to the people who buy from you. In other words, focus on revenue for your customers. What are they actually buying from you? Can you edit or add your input to get your customers what they really want in a way that saves them, or makes them even better in any way? If so, do it! We tend to continue doing things like we've always done them (same old inputs) instead of exploring ways to do things better by thinking differently about how we deliver results. Your customers really are only interested in the results your product or service provides. Inputs or methods that you use to deliver those outputs are usually higher or even inconsistent with them. Therefore, it is wise to focus on how you succeed and value your customers, but on what particular formula you use to get what they want.

Idea # 3 – Get out of the box.

You've heard "think outside the box" a million times. But entrepreneurs know that in order to create new thinking, you need to get away from your daily routine. If you have trouble seeing the woods for the trees, the best solution may often be long to walk up to the next mountain. When I met my customers, I try as often as possible to meet them outside of their offices. This makes two things. One, it takes us away from a constant threat of endless interference. And two, it always helps give us a little much needed perspective. I do not know how many business owners I've responded to because I'm afraid their business will collapse in heaps if they go so much for coffee cups. But after that, when the same people come outside the company's four-walled business, new ideas and clear thoughts about ways to address problems and take advantage of opportunities begin. Innovative thinking comes rarely when you are locked in your company's day-to-day operations. And there are a lot of scientific evidence out there today that tells us that in new or new situations, the heels actually turn to attack old problems from new perspectives. Simply put, it will always be difficult to "think outside the box" when the head is stuck inside it. Standard advice to the company's owners regarding policy and long-term vision for their businesses is to "take five". As for five days. At least five days each year should be set aside for you to prevent the office from being perfected so that you can only think about your strategic and long-term plans to expand your business. Anything less than that and you're struggling to do something a lot more than what you've ever done.

Idea # 4 – Get a Telescope.

It's about changing your focus. Many companies are forever focused on this and now. point out, but if you only think about today, you are not necessarily making your decisions based on the best long-term sustainability of the company. Large, publicly listed companies often fall into this trap when making decisions depending on the impact they have on equity yields, rather than delivering the greatest value to their shareholders over the next 10-20 years. Which is environmentally-friendly, socially and financially able to pass time, requires long-term thinking. And long-term prospects can lead to innovations that look for a short-term perspective. Change your thoughts about your business from "what we will be doing next week or next month's perspective on" what v will do for 20 years "perspective will focus on attention in many different areas that will often lead to better sustainability of companies aboard. Think about how different you wanted to choose stocks to invest in if you were an investment window 20 days compared to 20 years. One of the key components of sustainability is an investment. Innovative thinking about how to make key investments in your business can be the difference between success and mistakes in the long run, but the same innovative thinking can also be the source of significant competitive advantage in the short term. If you have been in business for more than ten years, it might be useful to ask yourself what you would have done differently if you knew what you knew right now. Now take these types of things you would have changed and show them 20 years in the future. What should you do now to be ready for your "business v.2030"?

I hope these ideas have given you an idea of ​​innovation and some thoughts about where to start. If you want more ideas on how to better manage your business, prepare for it in the future or grow up to the next level, sign up for my monthly eNews. And if you want to get my Top 10 Ways to start thinking about innovations, just write to me at and put Innovative Thinking in the subject line. By the way – it's all FREE !!!


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