Innovation – There has to be a better way

It's a better way to do things; but if you do not think about it or look for it, you're not likely to find it. And why should we look for a better way to do things? We should not necessarily. But if you want a better way, you need to think about how you define the word "better", how you want things to be better and why you want them to be better. This is the key to doing that way.

Life is about moving. Albert Einstein said, "nothing happens until something moves." However, if we did not, nothing would happen. When we leave, we are actually "switching from one place or place to another over time." Life is about moving; move is changing. Life = change. If you change anyway, why does not change for the better? Better or worse are your only choice; You can not be where you are forever.

At every step of our journey through life, we have the opportunity to stop and reflect. Some call this, "enrollment with their lives;" and others call it a "reality check". Where am I; and where do I want to be? What do I do and why do I do that? Is an easier or better way to do this? No matter where you have a way of life, you are not at the end as long as you are alive. There are no "destinations" in life – only waypoints. And there's always another way – probably even better way.

Finding a better way starts with execution or reality-check; but the next step requires you to imagine what it would be like. Many people screw this part up by thinking about how things are, or how they were, instead of they would like them to be. If you want to find a better way, keep wondering how hard it is and start thinking about a better way. Start by imagining how you want to be; and then begin to imagine ways that could happen. Before you know, you must get more and more ideas that move you in that direction; and there are likely to be some "coincidences" that bring things to your favor – considering your prospects are positive.

It's almost always a better way; and if we keep looking for it, we're sure to find it. Ancient wisdom about the subject tells us, "Seek and you will find." If you are looking for a better way, that's what you need to watch in your experience, in your memories and imagination. Whatever you draw your attention to, or focus on your energy, will grow; so look at what you can find. If you have trouble with your problems, then it's all you're going to create yourself.


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