Innovations in the Civil War

While the US Civil War was the bloodiest war America has ever bothered, many people realize some of the innovations that came from it. There are some very high income and realities that were made.

Much of how we fight the war today can be back to the civil war. One of the biggest changes was the use of technology on the battlefield. This is the same as it is today: technology plays a major role in the action of the war. Here are some of the biggest changes since the Civil War.

One of the largest inventions that emerged from the Civil War was the machine gun. Although it came later in the war; Gatlin gun can say that have changed the way we fight war. When World War 1 came, machine guns were much more fatal and effective and used in large quantities.

In the civil war, Mini-shot (now known as bullet bullet) played during the war. It was torn and conical which made the shot fly straight and longer. This had a major impact on how earthquakes occurred because the guns were much more dangerous. No longer shields bright, colorful costumes on the battlefield, as they were more likely to draw more fire than before. Uniforms that matched the battlefield became more precise.

In addition to the machine gun, they also had a rifle. Instead of shooting and recharging it, it was now possible to shoot multiple shots in a row. Metal cartridges were used in recurring ribs instead of paper cartridges which was a huge advantage on the battlefield.

Moving troops quickly to another area or battlefield was suddenly a reality during the civil war. This was because the train was built. The train was able to quickly move troops and provide management in need of them. This allowed the battle to be quickly and decisively changed due to the arrival of more troops or food.


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