Instructions Vs Networking

It has recently been my attention that there may be some confusion between mentor and network. It was said that both mentors and networks are about sharing so that in reality there is no network the same as the guide. My answer to this was no.

Indeed, they are clearly different. When you're online, you're getting to know people and allowing other people to get to know you. You also have a network to get your name out there and show yourself as an expert in the chosen box. A supervisor is, however, about taking one hand and guiding them in practice, whether it's business or personal.

Allowed when you're connected, you're really helping people read your posts, blogs, or articles to learn something. They read what you've written and then it's closed. They can become customers or they can provide a reference to your business but it's as far as it goes. The supervisor is actually a step by step guide. The supervisor is about one-on-one assistance, not group support. A supervisor is about helping and not expecting monetary gains or anything but work and dedication from your mentor.

People have said that the instructor takes too much time and that there are guidelines for those who have money that flow in and they can afford to take time from their busy days to the mentor, but in fact it's not true. Many suggested even when they do not have the money flowing in. Why is it? Training means giving them the knowledge you've received from the school with hard blows, which you can give someone to help them cross the road they may encounter with their business. While the tutor may take some time, you're building awesome reference tips, potentially future customers, and giving you the skills to know that you really helped someone in their lives without getting anything instead. There is something missing today and age.

A supervisor can be a difficult and time-consuming job but it is well worth it with what you get in friendship and possibly even business. However, the instructor needs to be ready to take time and learn and put their ideas on ideas in play. If the tutor is not ready to do that, the tutor actually wasting his time.

I've had a few people contact me for help to start a virtual business assistant and I'm happy to provide help and guidance to them but they also have to be willing to work with it too. Or often I get in touch and give up ideas and then they ask if they can come to me with questions and I always say yes, they come back with some questions but realize that starting a VA business is much more than they said so that they walked away. Essentially, I'm trying to help my contest but you know what's nice. Will I give up my business secrets? Not usually but I will help them when they need it. If I do not help them and they get stuck, they can very well become one of the bad virtual assistants I've talked about in previous articles and it can do some serious damage to the article. So if I can help someone become a good virtual assistant then I'm all for it.

Usually you do not have to scan the people you help. Usually screen themselves. Once you get someone who's sucking drains, you just stop giving detailed answers, but you provide web referrals or instructions to Google this term or the like. But usually they decide – and simply wander away when it's too much, and they do it early because you do not waste your time answering a lot of stuff just to lose them. Very few get over the third or fourth email address. Those who do it are so worth working with

The supervisor can also be very rewarding. Think about it this way, when you raise children, you are actually a guide to them. After listening, experiencing, loving and caring for a child, going out into the world and achieving something, it does not make you feel proud, wonderful and realize that every experience, tribulation and sadness you can tolerate worth it? It's exactly the feeling you'll get when you guess someone and you see your business successful and knowing you were involved.

One that totally causes me crazy I've seen people do is call themselves mentors when they're just just coaches because they expect something instead, usually money. Because of this, instructions have lost all meaning. Now that someone offers a mentor, you need to think about what they mean. Does that mean a real mentor or coach?

Just remember when you have someone just need to listen to them and take them by hand and guide them, do not walk away. Help them but make sure they are willing to help and not work for them. A supervisor is another type of saying "Pay it forward". We all need to get back into paying it and think about others & # 39; need and not just our own.


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