Internal and external obstacles that threaten your big dream

Sometimes they find the most insurmountable obstacles that stand between you and your BIG dream.

By looking further and trying to understand exactly what they are, you can learn how to navigate, beyond the most common obstacles we will discuss below.

Inner Obstacles

The inner obstacles to your BIG dream are thoughts and feelings that delay you from working or stopping you from completing the actions you have already started. These are the most common:

Fear – You are afraid of failure so you do not want to try. You are afraid to be different and what people will think and say if you are. You let your fear be an excuse for not trying.

Guilt – You're guilty of success when others do not. You are guilty of spending time, money and energy on yourself, instead of giving it to others.

Suicide – When you do not get the results you want right away, you'll see yourself as a victim and use that excuse to surrender. This sadness and negativity is self-limiting and will only prevent you from continuing your work.

Unworthy – You do not find that you really understand your BIG dream, and then you unknowingly block all the achievements that will come to you.

The good news is that you can start moving towards your BIG dream now. By realizing that these internal barriers are in your way, you can find the courage to identify and overcome them.

External Obstacles

When your relationships are healthy, you have a good and strong foundation for support while searching for your BIG dream. When they are not, relationships will be one of the most challenging obstacles you will face.

You do not have to look too far to find the most common external obstacles in your BIG dream. It's usually the people closest to you – your family – that affect you the most and who will make the most of the changes you need to do to follow your BIG dream.

There are many reasons why it's hard for your family to accept your new way towards your BIG dream.

They imagine it will take you away from them.

They know you and expect you will always be the same.

They have their own unfulfilled BIG dream.

They look neglected.

They do not notice an important new part of your life.

They are scared and worried about you.

Try to put yourself in your shoes and be understanding of these thoughts and feelings. Remember that negative feedback from them has everything to do with their own feelings and has nothing to do with the value of the BIG dream.

The good news is that you do not have to accept anyone else to get your BIG dream.

Discover what other people think and say. Stay on your way and continue. Let your own arrest carry you.

The more you move on and the clearer BIG your dream, the less protection you need from these internal and external obstacles. Nobody will try to figure you out because they will hear your conviction and trust. And so you want to.

© Dr Cara Alana, 2007.

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