Key Features of Strategic Thinkers

Let's start with the definition of strategic thinking, so we're all on the same page before we read the article. Strategic thinking is how people think about, evaluate, view and create the future for themselves and others. It is much more than responding to and responding to both everyday and long-term problems, opportunities and new reality. It's preventative, not responsive and focuses on creating a better future and increasing value. Strategic thinking always involves a change and imagines the results we can achieve in the future.

So what makes a strategic thinker? What are the main characteristics of strategic thinking? Here are eight (8) key characteristics of strategic thinkers from my perspective as a strategic thinking of business coaches.

Characteristic # 1: Have the ability to move out of the conservation area and use new and leadership paths to think, plan, perform, analyze, and evaluate and continuous improvement.

Characteristic # 2: They are very passionate about what they do. They have deep energy and encouragement.

Characteristic # 3: Lifelong learning students are motivated to teach others and share what they have learned.

Characteristic # 4: distinguish between the ends (what) and the way (how).
They define and organize results on many levels before deciding how to succeed.

Characteristic # 5: Risky. They do not limit themselves to current ideas. They are happy to invest and cancel today for tomorrow's possibilities.

Characteristic # 6: Have the ability to develop a vision and then use this view as the basis for strategic thinking and planning.

Characteristic # 7: Keep working, connect and share constantly because they never achieve their success as a matter of course.

Characteristic # 8: Want to develop outrageous and unusual goals that define relevant results in measurable terms.


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