Laser Training for Best Performance

Many busy professionals get rid of performance training because they are afraid of the time of the commitment. They fear a weekly one-hour nomination that stretches forever. Because of this fear, they lose the benefits of feedback from professionals about life, work and success.

Laser training removes fear of long-term commitment. With laser training, customers sharpen their concerns on one bit-sized piece that can be taken in one hour. Client and trainer work hard for one hour on this particular issue and come forward with an action plan. No further meeting is necessary. Additional laser training on different issues can always be added without continuing commitment.

Laser training works best in the following situations:

Situation # 1: The client can narrowly define behavior or barrier and is clear about its impact. Because laser training has only one hour, there is no time to dig into the past or unexpected cause and effect. The client should be prepared with clearly defined problems and goals. For example, a customer who is keen to summarize a major presentation could find a coach to formulate strategies for organizing and promoting the content along with positive reinforcement methods.

Situation # 2: The problem involves human interaction such as a problem manager or difficult colleague. Laser training can help develop skills to deal with difficult people who manage conflict successfully. It's about here-and-now, not untangling chronic patterns.

Situation # 3: The problem is part of larger issues that can be broken into smaller connected objects. For example, customers who fear public figures may choose to deal with the fear of a series of laser training agreements that spread out for convenience, such as financial authorizations. One session can discuss technology to speak to a small group, but another meeting can discuss body language and activities. Breaking large content into smaller pieces can make progress without long-term training obligations.

Situation # 4: The customer has one or two concerns but is otherwise confident about his life and career. If a customer only needs help with one or two defined concerns, laser training makes sense as a time-consuming and affordable way to succeed.

Situation # 5: Customer wants to check out a coach before long-term commitments are made. Starting with one or two laser training tours is a great way to make sure you and your coach are well-behaved.

By training a defined task at the beginning, objective and clear end, solving training as technology calls for many busy professionals. Most importantly, laser training makes performance training accessible more than ever before, helping professionals become more secure, productive and adequate.


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