Leadership – Leaders Are Open

What does it mean to be open? Does it mean that you are automatically your ethics, beliefs, and personal values ​​at the door, and are blind politicians and executives watching leaders out of control? Not at all. It's a recipe for a disaster and a very unhappy life. Having conversations with others is enough to unseat you from your values, religious beliefs, ethics and ethics, are many more serious issues that need to be considered.

Being open minded is the mindset of rock solid leaders. There is one invitation and cooperation where they are interested in hearing the opinions of others. That is what great community leaders do. They are so trustworthy in who they are and constantly believe in what they do, they do not think that they will be excessive or "magical" change them simply by listening, engaging, and discussing ideas.

And do not be confused to listen to others by accepting them. Listening is one thing; throw your personal procedures out the door to please or "go by" with someone whose ideas and ideals are contrary to what you know is right for you is a completely different matter.

Being openly allows us to see opportunities where we can not. As a leader, with an open mind to different perspectives and new ideas that show others that one is cooperation in nature rather than competitive. While it is important to ensure focus by following the company's business and mission views, leaders who celebrate others and who listen to their constitution are usually the most respected.

Whatever the situation teaches, we always learn something new. By being open to listening to others, we can understand the flaws of our own thinking, learn new ways of interpreting and managing problems, and last but not least, building bridges with others. We all live in this world together; It is important that everyone learns how to follow by respecting each other's opinions. You do not have to agree – everyone can be right – but you need to be convinced of your own opinions and values.

Are you open? Remember when you listen deeply to others' ideas. How can you be a pioneer of new possibilities when it comes to being a leader? What types of results do you think you could achieve?

"The best manager is the one who makes sense to choose good people to do what he wants to do, and confident enough to keep mixing with them while they do." – Theodore Roosevelt


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