Life Training Tips to Train You – "Doing Things Differently"

One of my favorite liquids is driven by Einstein. He says the definition of psychosis is doing the same thing again and expecting different results. With this quotation in mind, I have decided that this year I will do things differently. I'm taking some new methods to build my business and I've given up my part-time job. Not to mention that I'm also approaching something of my personal life differently.

What I realize when I start making changes … it can be difficult. Breaking old habits and making preventive decisions in a new direction. It also requires some risk (and I really want more security and predictability). But I believe Einstein has the correct definition of psychosis. So when I'm tempted to return to what I've been doing, I just remember that if I get back to my old pattern, I'll definitely get the same results I've had before.

So, do you have to take part in doing things differently this year?

  • If so, what are 3 areas of your life where you are not achieving the results you want?
  • Take a file: What actions have you already taken in these areas?
  • What specific results do you want to see in these areas?
  • What can you do differently to your success this year?
  • And finally, (let's be very practical here) what is a little new step you could take in each of these areas in the next two weeks?

By the end of 2008, I expect different results in my work and in my life. I admit I'm a little nervous but I'm very excited to see where this new step will take me.


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