Louise Hay Confirmation – Why are they so popular?

In the world of confirmation, Louise Hay's confirmation is still the most popular. She did not detect confirmation, so why are they so popular?

To understand the popularity of Louise Hay Confirmation, we need to look at the popularity of the woman herself.

Louise Hay has taught the subject of confirmation since becoming a religious scientist in 1970. The main purpose of religion or science is that because God is all in the universe, this power can be used by everyone if they know and align themselves with its presence .

With his experience of teaching and with other studies, Ms. Hay simplified many message teachers who came for her. She says in her books and in her lectures: "We are responsible for all our experiences."

This simple statement reflects the basic theory of previous research, but the language is simpler – and appeals to audience leaders.

Many looking for Louise Hay confirmations when looking for natural ways to support healing. It automatically appears "You can cure your body" and it turned into the best seller.

She teaches that all our thoughts are creating our future, and it may create our own illness or unpleasant as she explains. She created this little book as a list of confirmations that you could use to handle & # 39; ailments.

But she writes and teaches beyond how to cure what it takes. & # 39; Her teachers a lot about self-love are the most important first step in helping to create something.

Critics would say that she removed "God" and replaced "Self" but Louise Hay would argue that there is one thing. You simply can not love others or create good without loving you first. Often the simplest lessons are the deepest.

True, she and her confirmation are so popular because of their simplicity and a message about love. People with all backgrounds and education can read their books. She writes in a friendly, easy style that is encouraging. She does not take the tone of a specialist on a hill but more of a friendly aunt you look forward to having tea with. And could not we all use more of it in our lives?


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