Method of innovation

Process innovation is one of the most effective implementation methods of innovation currently being used by companies and organizations. An introduction to this important innovation method is presented in this article. is defined by the OECD in OSLO's guide as:

Method of innovation is the implementation of a new or significantly improved production or delivery method. This also includes a significant change in technology, equipment and / or software.

"… The introduction of a new or significantly improved production method" involves the development of a new way of producing a product with a newly created machine, a new method such as a 3D CAD model for new product development or the use of new technologies such as a 3D rapid prototype as part of the process or to develop new products.

As Davenport describes, innovation does not work on gradual improvements of 5-10%, but improvements to 50-100%. By combining the process of part of innovation, companies and organizations are unleashed powerful opportunities. Much of Japanese business interests peaked in the 1980s and 1980s was attributable to their application for innovation.

The delivery method relates to the physical movement of the product from the factory floor to end users, such as the manufacturer's methods. This includes any system implemented to improve the delivery of the product to customers and end users, such as inventory control systems, information systems and equipment related to the project.

The current development in the field of innovation focuses on:

  • Focused Internal Collaboration – Create transparency and responsibility provided with state-of-the-art Knowledge Management Systems (Service-Oriented Architecture) and dashboard technology that lead to business mobility. This involves the use of internal database and information systems.
  • Used customer-driven innovation – Increased warranty will be given to customers about the management of procurement and consumer experience. A circle of "holistic innovation" will identify process steps as value-added or without value-added, with the necessary innovations made where possible. A step-by-step step will be shortened or completely eliminated. For example, the use of surveys and surveys through network methods are gradually used to raise customer data to run innovation.
  • More expensive processes and data mapping – Business systems, processes, data and physical location are documented from a higher granular level and mapped to another to ensure maximum transparency and continuous operation. Without a detailed insight into a lower level of project shortage of business relevance, the concept of business innovation will be. An example of this is the implementation of systems that collect and organize product development information. For example, if a service representative specifies product development, the information will automatically be reverted to data on product data.
  • Better Methods – KPIs and KPMs must be better defined and configured to reflect the more efficient nature of business processes efficiently.
  • Learn more workflow automation – Process steps are rather electronically active and automated. Particularly important is this method where data is stranded in unrelated electronic forms such as water or gas meters and communication with manual data collection. The end goal should be to implement as many business opportunities as possible online.

Method of innovation can be applied in a variety of industries and habits, from architecture to production. It is also very useful in the case of multidisciplinary activities such as large projects or when many manufacturers are used in a business model.

The difficult global economic situation will inevitably lead to good merger and recession in many industries. Given the current economic recession, it is stated that most big companies have to change, at least in the short term, how they handle various parts of their daily clients. Supporting organizations to "go green" is another reason why business entities will need to review many of their existing core business, optimize and complete them for maximum cost-effectiveness and efficiency, while making them more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Improving the innovation process will be absolutely necessary to survive many companies during this economically uncertain period, but it also creates great opportunities for companies to better position them against their competitiveness with services, interoperability, organization, and other resources. In addition, significant restructuring of staff and mergers of geographic offices and data centers can create a lot of voids of responsibility and responsibility for several business-related business relationships.

Method of innovation entails that companies and organizations open to the investigation and dramatic organization to improve overall results. In times of difficulty, as we are all dealing with, the need for innovation is first. It is worth assessing and potentially revolutionary changes in organizations to live not only, but prosper in such situations.


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