New Definition of Success

How do you define performance? Do you want to look good? Most people define success, such as reaching a certain assumption in the future in their lives. If I can raise my children to be happy and safe adults, I will succeed. Or when I make $ 100,000 a year, I will be a success. The problem of defining success depends on imminent passing is that once you've achieved "success," you've created a new perception of what success means for you. And you've missed thousands of "successful" moments in your life while trying to achieve the condition you call "success".

Success is not a destination – it's a journey. What if success meant to be happy and happy with your current situation? This definition requires that we look at our personal desires and values ​​- the points that are important to us. Brian Tracy, author of maximum success, defines six performance requirements. These demands are peace of mind, good health and high energy, loving relationships, financial freedom, commitment to worthy goals and ideas, and sense of personal fulfillment or self-esteem. If you look at each of these items, it's all about who you are, not what you do.

It's healthy to develop a three-dimensional vision of success:

1. Be the best you can be

2. Create an action plan for what you want in the future

3. Enjoy all that life has to offer now

Let's compare the old definition of success to the new one. By using an old definition of success, my training training will look good when I'm full-time, I'm creating six numbers and I'm in high demand for talking. I will buy all the right tools to market my business and imitate all professionals. Sounds pretty empty, is not it?

The new definition of success would say I succeed if I resemble who I am as a coach. If I have adequate and rewarding training with the customers I love, I'm fine. If I have a vision of how my training looks like in the future and has a plan to get there, I'm fine. Because I love what I do, succeed. This means I am well now and will continue to be successful as long as I am satisfied. And if for some reason my patience should change, I have to ask myself what I need to change about me to bring happiness and success.

Ask yourself if you're successful? Do you have peace of mind and good health? Do you enjoy loving relationships in your life? Do you have enough money to reduce your worries? Does your life have meaning and purpose, and are you committed to becoming all you are able to become? If you answer yes to these questions, you will be successful. If you answer any of these questions, then you need to change yourself to achieve personal satisfaction? Look at your thoughts, feelings, desires, actions, dreams, habits and personality. You have everything you need inside you to be such a success!


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