Non-Mondial Communication: Revocation, Insulation and Defense

When infection has occurred, people respond in one of four ways; withdrawal, isolation, defense protection and language consultation. Withdrawal is moving away from encroacher. Insulation is building goals for encroachers. Turf Defense is when the owner runs the encroacher. Democratic consultation is a verbal attack on encroaches to make them undesirable and unacceptable. A person reacts differently, as appropriate. Based on the text, these are factors that affect the territorial sea. 1) Who was the encroacher? 2) Why did they break? 3) Which territory had they violated? 4) How did they prevent? 5) How long did the invasion last? 6) Will they do it again? 7) Where did it happen? Most of this is done simultaneously. All these factors will determine the defense and future measures it takes to protect the terrain.

The Difference in Personal Space Between International Cultures

In the United States, we find much more communication from more distances than in South America. In the United States, people feel uncomfortable with men who hold hands, but in the Middle East this is normal. In the United States we shake hands as usual, but in Italy; It's jaw and kiss on the cheek. French are like North America in the fact that they are very happy with the distance. I think the difference is too subtle to explain and that it is not right to generalize. This is because in the United States there are differences from state to state and territory in an area. Stereotypes must be viewed to say exactly that everyone is the same from a certain location.

What influence do people in the urban environment have on how citizens look at a personal dwelling?

Enlargement or residence in a high density area, like New York, affects people's views on territory and space. The streets and residential buildings in the city of New York are very crowded and give people different reality than anyone living in Columbia, SC. ​​In New York there is always someone there. There are defense methods different from those living in a small town. Statistics show that areas with high density are plagued with a higher threat to humans than low density. One can assume that this is due to a large number of people and also a continuous invasion, violation and pollution of space. This fact also leads to greater isolation. There are more cops and safety needs in areas with high density. People from regions with high density also seem less friendly. This is a delivery system used to live in a high density area. There is also more defense and more violence in high urban areas.

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