Objective – 3 characteristics of an effective goal

Now, psychologists who support this theory confirm that individuals are encouraged to achieve goals. This goal-thinking theory states that individuals work in a certain way because they focus on achieving unintentionally or deliberately committed goals. This goal-based theory states that individuals work on goals that include the following.

Three Attributes of Objectives

a. Clear
Individuals should be aware of what they need to achieve goals. Whatever you choose between coffee and water or it's a decision on career choices, individuals should achieve goals as they are aware of it. This implies that individuals should be aware of what they need before they decide the necessary steps to take to achieve the goal.

b. Challenge
The goal that individuals put should be challenging enough for them to give their best. Tedium is the man who is the least chosen attitude. Individuals who face challenging targets tend to put more action to achieve that goal. There is an increased sense of satisfaction when individuals encourage themselves to do a particular task.

c. Achievable
Challenges encourage people. On the other hand, they should be aware of the fact that a fixed goal is to accomplish tasks. Individuals, in their subconscious minds, can distinguish between self-esteem and goals.

Feedback is an important part of the adaptation goal. This theory states that individuals need an opinion to continue to follow a certain goal. Individuals must be able to identify the progress achieved to achieve that goal. Regardless of the source of feedback, whether they are themselves or others, individuals should know about progress.

The Set of Doctrine sets two types of goals:

a. Policy Making
When an individual is to this extent, individuals try to achieve a certain goal without knowing what key steps are necessary to achieve the goal. Strategic goals are very encouraging because they seem to be easy to achieve. It involves setting a goal and then changing our actions to achieve that goal.

b. Precise Goal
Now, this kind of goal needs a person to reach a goal and explore all the possible ways he needs to take to achieve that goal. People who decide on this type of goal quickly recognize that they have very little chance of actually implementing the proposed goal by mapping different courses to reach them closer to the goal. The exact goal is identified by the proper preparation. Nevertheless, it is known that it is not possible for us to accurately map our future and the deviation from the original program is normal. The aim of drawing says that individuals who set down precise goals usually try to reduce changes as an unintended change is considered as abuse of capital.

The Doctrine of Doctrine allows individuals to understand how they realize what they want in life. This theory states that each individual sets goals. It simply means that there is a kind of goal, which is firm confirming one's success.


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