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It is highly appreciated that certain organizational structures impede creativity and innovation while others contribute. Some organizations are only better at defining problems, creating and choosing valuable ideas and developing and marketing them – therefore, companies are inclined to maintain a competitive edge and lead leaders in their field.

Another way to look at the problem is in terms of blocks. Certain organizations create or expand blocks that prevent their human resources efforts to work. Some of the many blocks are:

a) Consistency and Risk Loss

b) Cultural Conduct of Behavior

c) Sensation of Relevant Behavior

d) Negative Assessment of Own Ideas

e) Argumentary Thinking,

] f) Rejection of ideas without adequate assessment process

g) Competitive inhibition behavior

h) Fear of being regarded as irrational

i) Fear of self-esteem

j) Problems are in trouble [19659002] k) Waiting for inspiration

l) Lack of funding

m) Lack of tangible progress of good ideas

n) Lack of focus or goal [19659002] Simply from the analysis of the above, it is true that many areas require attention to leaders, including:

a) Personality Personality and Individual Blocks

b) Planning of Organizational Blocks

c) Management of ideas from probl


d) Analysis and management of men

Resolution technology is an extensive classification – many blocks can be considered as a state of food and general solutions:

a) Psychological safety (Vernon, 1980) – Recognize the individual as an unconditional value – Admit that an individual is able to produce but their value is not based on production

b) Psychological freedom (Vernon, 1980) – elimination of climate where external food is absent; understanding empathetically – understand the person from the point of feeling and opinion.

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Kal Bishop, MBA

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