Overcome joy with daily confirmation

It is meekness and there is a great folly. If you are interested in overcoming joy, we are probably talking about the latter. I was a regular kid who grows up, a little shy but not terribly self-conscious. When I arrived at college, I was afraid to talk to the class. I was afraid to say something stupid and have everyone laugh at me. In college, it got worse. I lived in a dorm style housing and used to listen to my door until it was all clear before playing out of the house. I never used the community kitchen for fear of someone actually engaging in conversation.

Sometimes my upper pressure was in full social anxiety with real panic attacks. I was afraid of death and felt like my life was out of control. Of course I saw help right away, and in a few years I had a lot of treatment and tried a lot of different drugs. I now realize that much of what I received from my doctor hurt my recovery.

The first thing I was saying was that I had a social annoyance or a social anxiety disorder. Okay, I'm disturbed. There's something wrong with me. I'm broken and I have to be stuck. Take this drug, try them, and if they do not work, we will continue to try until we find something that does. What I've learned, on the contrary, is that the first step in overshyness and social phobia is not to see it as a "problem".

Yes, if you think you are having trouble with moderation or social anxiety, you definitely have a problem. But the problem is not a joy or anxiety, it's the fact that you perceive it as a problem. I know when I was at least, I felt convicted. My consciousness was so prey that I had no confidence or self-esteem. I felt the betrayal of the body (a heavy sweat was my biggest obstacle) and ashamed of the one I had suffered. In theory, I had come to see myself as a victim of social anxiety.

The victim is the worst self-image offered by us among many archetypes stored in our subconscious minds. As a genocide show, the victim represents an independent and suicidal emotional and behavioral pattern that is very deep in the subconscious that we will continue to live it daily until we transcribe a subconscious script. The subconscious acts on autopilot; It is a pattern that repeats itself from habit because we allow it tacitly.

Victims see themselves as mercy forces beyond their control. They do not have both legs on the ground. The victim is frozen in self-consciousness and fear and not comfortably rooted in her own body, which she needs to communicate around the world. The victim is unrelated and self-sufficient in the sense that all that can be thought of is the problem, how intolerable it is and injustice of it.

The only way to go on is to stand. We must first take responsibility for ourselves, and that means we realize that we are not powerless – we have choices. We can take control of our lives again! Although the majority of the time does not follow our own thoughts and feelings, it's something we can do. It takes a few exercises, but we can consciously think of normal thinking before building steam. We can look at our anxieties, without judgment, and hold our anxious thoughts and feelings as part of consciousness. This gives us a little distance between ourselves and our anxiety. Now, at this moment of observation, we can have our anxiety, accept it, see that we no longer need it and let it go. And repeat. And repeat. And it will start to get better.

Archetype of the Earth Mother or nurturing parent is a positive archetype needed to prevent victims of archetype. This does not refer to maintaining others, but it may be a consequence than being self-nourishing. Nurturing parents archetype teachers teach us how to take care of our basic needs, physically and emotionally, and how to love us. We all have an inner child, and that child needs to know that it is safe, safe and loved. By fostering your inner child, you will soon begin to see positive changes in your life.

One of the ways to reinforce positively when you start restarting your life is confirmed. Repeated confirmation daily can also help to rewrite the emotional and behavioral scripts that are part of you at the subconscious level. By confirming your confirmation, you can literally turn to your brain!


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