Overview of leadership – what purpose does it work for?

Google "leadership" and you will come to a total of 147,000,000 results. Leadership is a hot topic. By definition, the leader is the one who leads. A supervisor or leader, the one who manages, has the authority or influence. Leadership is the process of influencing thoughts, actions and encouragement of individuals or groups through communication to achieve a point of view. Leaders influence our daily lives both good and bad.

This is also a very philosophical question in the heart. Ask the question: "What is leadership and what purpose is it served?" to the philosophy group and I imagine the debate was rather electric.

The purpose of leadership is to encourage a person or group of people to achieve a goal. The leader's goal is to steer and encourage them to achieve a goal for the good. In other words, leadership is defined for the purpose it serves: achieving a better way.

Stephen Covey says: "Successful leadership is to put first things first. Effective management is a discipline, to carry it out."

A leader is around us day and day at different levels of degrees. The choir as a group leads church members in particular, a lead blast south to winter, forming V-form knowledge like other geese in mid-flight, calls on the football manager to consult his players, the President holds the annual state of the federation to inform and strengthen nation.

Leader is not equivalent by being responsible. In fact, leaders are not necessarily responsible at all. Leadership is the combination and application of personal experience, knowledge, skills, talent, attitude and talent. One of the leadership styles is to hide and a good leader knows when and how to choose the right person (s) for the job.

Intelligence is a symptom that we are all born, although at different levels and it takes training to develop this product. Albert Einstein once said, "We should take care not to make the wit of our god, of course, have a strong muscle but no personality. Good leaders use and develop their intelligence to pair with self-awareness, impressive skills, perception and appearance of honesty, integrity and self-confidence to lead us toward their vision of better performance for the group.

Life requires leadership. As leaders are leaders, followers are. We require vision together with orientation and motivation to achieve our goals Without losing The greatest selling book, the Bible, says in Proverbs 29:18 Since there is no vision, the people will end.


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