Personal confirmation!

Personal confirmation is a statement you make to yourself and using them can help you become a strong, healthy and happier individual. The more they are used the better you become. Of course, depending on the specific confirmations you choose!

Personally, the confirmation should say in modern times, as I have, I am etc. It should be spoken as if what you want is already reached as I no longer smoke and above all, it must be positive in her words. So, in order to change your faith and create your new reality, you must blow your subconscious mind with the thoughts you want.

When should I tell them?

General consensus is that they should see or say at least twice a day. Preferably, the first thing in the morning and the last thing in the evening, keep doing them until what you are looking for will be reality. Of course, if you're in a position to look at them more than twice a day, then do it. It can only help. At least 30 days are considered the minimum you should do. The problem is that we all, to a certain extent, wanted it to happen now, no later. Be patient and it will happen to you.

If you add a visual perspective (clearly see your mind on output) on what you confirm, the more successful the results will be. This will add a lot of strength to what you are looking to change.

What should my confirmation be?

Your verifications can include how you feel: "I'm energetic, I feel wonderful, or I feel safe." Your verifications can include how you want your life to be: "I'm well-being, I lose weight easily or I solve easily. We use confirmation to help lose weight and stop smoking, build our confidence and self to help us to get rid of depression or relieve our anger, anxiety and stress.

Personal Confirmation Are constantly used by young, old, actually someone who has the desire to change their lives and they can safely work for you too.

Since the confirmation is personal, most if not everyone will start with "me", since you are the most important person they refer to.

They are simple "I" statements can be repeated as often as you want and they follow only one of three areas and they are:

I am ………

I'm Success

I'm g I am confident

I can …

I can handle my children

I can be a winner

I can be strong [19659002] I will …. ……..

I will challenge myself to change today.

I will manage my time better today.

I'll Take Care Of Me Today

The list you can apply for just these three statements, I am, I can, I'll be endless because I'm sure you'll discover.


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