Personal Values ​​Religion Fear – Does anemia have been one of your recent health problems?

Comprehensive health and health principles teach you to find out about physical factors that contribute to physical illness. These principals emphasize that you create unconsciously or unconsciously with your experience with your thinking, feeling, faith and fear pattern. Change and transform these patterns and transform the experiences you live in your life in each area and on each level.

Louise Hay, author of "healing your body", was an early entrepreneur in the field of body and spirit drugs. She offers suggestions for possible thinking, feeling, faith, and fear of anemia that causes anemia and affirmations to help them change as follows:

Personal Values, Faith, Fear, and "Heal Your Body" Cause of Anemia

"Yes-but" attitude. Lack of joy. The fear of life. Do not feel well enough.

Louise Hay Confirmations for Anemia

It is safe for me to experience happiness in all areas of my life. I love life.

Effects on stress on the body, evidence of health and well-being Anemia Indications

You can start using the power in this mind body and spirit approach in your life. If you get anemia, you can use the above cause and confirmation information to deepen insight into your physical challenge.

Explore your life and feeling, thinking, faith and fear pattern to see where it is associated with the intended cause. It is my experience that these causes are usually present.

If it turns out to be true to you, work with guiding verifications to transform, over time, the usual way of being, thinking, feeling, and believing. Explore and work to transform the fears you know. This consumes closed energy that causes an imbalance in the first place and leads to a revolution in all areas of your life, including physical activity.


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