Positive confirmation for getting and being healthy

In February 1992, my wife was diagnosed with brain damage and then lung cancer. While in a variety of therapies, I wrote these positive affirmations for her. I hope you will find them inspiring and helpful.

I'm lucky and glad to be alive.

I have a positive perspective on life.

Life is wonderful and worth living.

I live my life with love, happiness and positive hope.

I have a strong constitution.

I easily recover from sickness.

I cure quickly and without complications.

I have great gratitude for life and life.

The support and love I receive from my family and friends gives me incredible strength to overcome problems.

I always thank treatments and medicines that help me succeed.

I'm actively involved in my recovery.

Thank you for all doctors, nurses and others who care for me.

I appreciate all those who worry about me.

Knowing about cancer has increased my gratitude to life and myself.

I get better every day.

Every day I'm stronger.

My intention to be well is cast in a steel steel.

I take great care of me.

I do what I need to complete my healing.

My attitude is focused on the beam of radiation to be, be and be well.

Being aware of stress allows me to maintain high peace and comfort.

I preserve my body and mind with positive spiritual images.

These positive spiritual images turn on my body's protection system to stop and eliminate all diseases.

I threw out, removed and closed negative emotions and ideas.

I am an active and mental warning.

My belief in trust and self-confidence contributes to the emergence of diseases.

I know the high way of curing me is a persevering attitude.

My gratitude and trust for medical care ensure my good health.

I support medical care very well and heals quickly.

I believe in myself and my innate ability to overcome.

I produce the most powerful drug: Will and attitude to be healthy.

The deep love and support I receive from my friends and family is chocolate on my cherry cake.

© Arnold Damsky 2007 All rights reserved.


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