Positive psychology of the goal

Having goals can help you live the life you want. It can give you an emphasis and direction. This article describes why setting goals can be useful for your well-being. It also covers how the personality strengths can be used to help you set and achieve goals.

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Hope and Optimism

The goal gives you the focus and something to look forward to. Your life has purpose, increase your feelings of hope and optimism. What your goals are in the long run or in the short term, you are giving yourself a reason to go up in the morning. The relationship between hope and goal setting goes well. Thinking and organizing your goals can increase the sense of hope and optimism. This optimism can then increase your ability to achieve your goals. It will also help you plan more goals in the future. A person with hope is able to define their goals, knowing how they are going to get there and are encouraged to reach them. At the same time, hope will help people deal with negative complications and not give up when things get tough.

Taking Control

If you set and reach daily goals, this will add some key goals by the end of the year. And that's all your own job. Congratulations on the people taking control of their lives, rather than just tracking or making others make the decisions. Accept the sense of control and promotion as you create and then achieve your goals.

Imagine you have a deadline at work (something you can not control). However, what if you decided to meet this deadline in advance? Or if you are someone who tends to go over time, make excuses all the time, spin around and work hard to meet this deadline.

Recognize how much you can do. Even a shift in attitude can give a sense of ability. Being able to overcome obstacles and develop constructive attitude to what you can not control is a very reliable booster.

Flow experience

By setting yourself a regular, meaningful goal you put yourself in a more flowing experience (concept defined by Csikszentmihalyi). Flow experience is one where all of your consciousness is absorbed with a certain activity. Thoughts about time and other needs (such as hunger) are overlooked. Positive psychologists generally agree that the more the flow tries a person, the happier they are. The goals give us something we can take an active part in, which is an important part of the flow of experience.

To achieve this situation it is important to have clear goals. As well as defending your goals is a good start. Also, you want to choose the goal that is difficult for you, but is not your depth. If it is not demanding enough, you will almost certainly be bored. It's worth revising your goals on a regular basis to keep you informed. Furthermore, try to receive regular feedback so you are aware of how you are doing. Support from others can be a good idea, otherwise be sure to keep track of your progress in some way.

The goal and flow of experience have a good relationship. By setting goals, we expand our opportunity to experience flow. By experiencing flow, we are more likely to achieve our goals.

General Well-being

Having goals in our lives is good for our well-being. It gives us the opportunity to go on a journey that we can learn from and enjoy. It helps people evaluate their ability, gives their lives meaning and increases optimism. As such, it can reduce stress and help reduce the risk of depression. Achieving goal-oriented tasks emphasizes and increases happiness. Support for the benefit of the company is deliberately due to research by Lyubomirsky, Sheldon and David Schkade.

Your goals and strengths

When you set and work towards your goals, consider how you can use your personal strength to help you achieve your goals. It's worth knowing what your top strengths are as they are the most effortless to use, and pulling them should be great motivation.

Consider how the following strengths can help you set your goals:

Curiosity, creativity and love for learning can help you with your thinking. This may be useful when considering what goals you set, how you will achieve them and ways to overcome potential difficulties.

Courage can help you achieve the great goals you have never received from the earth. This strength allows you to respond, despite your opinion.

If your perseverance is your strength, you're sure to achieve the goals you set yourself.

Have humor where your strength allows you to laugh if things go wrong, as you see a lighter side of life.

Cautiousness can help you set the right goal because you can keep in mind that the goal you think you want is now one that you want in the future.

Being authentic means that you remain true to yourself when setting goals. It ensures that you are doing it for yourself and not other people.

Another way that you can use your personal strength when setting goals is to set real goals to develop a certain strength. For example, you might want to work to be a grandson, so decide on a volunteer in an organization that helps other people.

You can use goal setting as an opportunity to support a certain level of strength, although the strength is not an end in itself. For example, your goal is to write a novel. However, along with how you decide to appreciate your appreciation and conscious effort to recognize those who helped you to achieve your goal.

What goals you set yourself, use the process and think how they benefit from you on the way.


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