Power Confirmation – Part One

This is part of a five-part series about how to use confirmation in the most powerful way. Verifications can be a powerful tool for clearing negative thoughts emotions and attitudes in the subconscious mind. There are these negatives that keep us moving on one or more areas of our lives.

While most people have at least a general idea of ​​what confirmations are, I often find that even people who use validation regularly do not do it in the most powerful and effective way.

You can start with a short discussion of what confirmations are and how to use them to have the most powerful and beneficial effects on your life.

At first, confirmation is a positive statement about yourself identified in modern times. For example:

I'm powerful over all matters.


Someday, when I'm rich and good job, and people like me, I'll be strong beyond all measurements.


I'm not sick. (Always specify the quality or desired output you want, not what you do not want)

Although not completely necessary, I have found that the most powerful confirmation begins with the same two words, "I am." Some examples are:

I live perfect abundance. I am living healthy. I'm attracting all I need.

If you feel right, you can also confirm your confirmation without starting "I am" and still have a positive impact. For example:

I love the feeling that the wind blows through my hair when I'm driving my new BMW change gear on the Pacific Coast highway.

The more passion, positive energy and vivid imagination you can put into your confirmation, the more powerful and more effective they will be.

There is no bad time to say or write your confirmation, however, there is one particular time that takes place daily, which is the most powerful time to work with confirmations.

I refer to the time of "stunning half an hour". It happens daily at half an hour before going to sleep every night.

It is at this time that the subconscious mind is responsive to receiving new proposals and will work on them that night.

They are positive statements about yourself
They are identified in modern times
They have as much positive energy, passion, and vivid imagery as possible.
You are using "stunning half an hour".


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