Problems that solve problems – Think about the answer, not the problem!

The reason we have a problem is because we think too much about the problem rather than the answer. Right now, as you know your problem, you are dealing with your problem.

Mind your mind!

You must learn how to be personally indented into trouble and get answers to your mind.

Anyone interested in the answer, just quote this confirmation now

"I'm interested in the answer.

I'm practicing a spiritual person

And I accept the answer. "

And that's what you need to do.

What is spiritual indifference?

Give a thought about the problem and give all your attention to the idea of ​​the answer.

You – the conscious mind, the intellect – do not know exactly what form the answer can be. But just entertain the idea of ​​the answer.

And the problem, just like an old dog who gets no attention, goes away and does not return.

Just like an old dog hanging over the backside so you've thrown him straight every time for a moment. If you have not thrown the old Rover bone regularly, he goes somewhere else where someone else would throw him straight.

Are you sticking to your problem?

So it's with your problem. And some of you, not only throw your problems straight, you throw them a steak and filet mignon. You give the problem all your attention.

And it's not for asking God to take it away, because some of you, even when you ask God to take it away, you're stuck!

You still have your problem. It will still not go because you keep it going.

And you see, that's the law. What you pay attention to, whatever you are fascinated with – that's what you get! That's what some call the principle of attraction!

Your prayer must comply with the law. You see, some religions do not understand. They have not been taught the law.

Attention is Destiny.

Know this, you can not change the Cosmic Law of Mind. "As you think, he is, too."

If you feel a problem, you must be in trouble.

I do not care how you ask. If you are in trouble, you must have trouble and the only way you will get an answer is to get answers to your mind.

So let's do it now. If you have any conditions in life you want to solve, just open your mind now for the answer.

Open your hands, open your arms and say loudly and with a feeling:

"I open my heart and consider the answer now."

And just start thinking about answering. Show the answer that happens. Imagine your problem is already resolved. Put it in your mind and find your feelings and joy that your problem is already solved.

Stop thinking and talk about your problems.

Open your heart, open your mind, open your ears and open your eyes to the answer. And if you still have a problem, you know that you have more open ears and eyes to do.

And if you open your mind now and know the answer now and not with the problem, whatever you need, just gotta happen.

The reason we have a problem is because we've just shared so much about the problem rather than the answer.

Now confirm the following out loud and with a feeling:

"I'm interested in the answer.

I'm practicing the spiritual person now with the problem.

I open my heart and mind to perfect answer.

Now there are perfect answers that take place in my life about everything and everything.

I see

I think the answer.

And I accept the answer

Thank you, Father.

I welcome it because. "

ok. Now the problem is over. Do not talk more about your problems. Think about the answer!


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