Prophet of the Ministry: Verifications from the Scriptures to Teach Who We are in Christ

To learn who you are in Christ, you must know what God is saying about you. The Holy Bible tells us to do a lot. Notice how often we are told to do certain things in the Old Testament and the New Testament. We find the word:

Bid a total of 533 times,

Worship 192 times,

Sing 252 times,

Love 468 times,

Say (say) 6684 times.

It gives us an idea of ​​how important it is to be careful what we say! Everything that our God created or spent always always spoke him first. He said, "Let there be light and light." Jesus said that the fig tree would never bear fruit again. and it was unrelated.

The Lord told us to say to the mountains that stand in our way: "Be removed and thrown into the sea" and it will jump into the sea. (Mark 11:23) Therefore, we have priority to speak to God in our circumstances. Here is a list of written scriptures that we can read out loud 3 times a day until it goes down to our spirits. Read this day for 6 months and you will know your power in Christ. The little Christian child has more power in his finger than the whole enemy.

The Lord Always Hears Me

Today, the Lord heard my requests and he will receive my prayer. Tonight and morning and noon I will pray and cry loudly and he will hear my voice. For it is written, just cry, and the Lord heareth and delivereth them out of all their troubles. Many are the suffering of the wise, but the Lord will deliver them from all of them. I will call on the Lord and he will answer me. He will be with me in trouble and save me. God's Word tells me to "come boldly before the throne of the feast" because I am imprisoned with Jesus Christ in heaven. I am therefore imprisoned at the right hand of the father. I have the righteousness of Christ. It is a free gift that Christ has given me, so that I can confidently call the name of the Lord because I am a new beast in Christ.

Power over the Enemy

It is written: I can do everything for Christ that strengthens me. The greater is the one who is in me than the one in the world. No weapon created against me will be prosperous. But the Lord will oppose all the tongues that rise up against me in court, and show them to be wrong. Even the evil spirits propose to us when we let them go in your name, O Lord. So in the name of Jesus Christ; I declare that I quit the task of all the evil spirits against me and all my family members. I release you spirit of your duties and I invite you to leave us in the name of Jesus Christ. And in the name of Jesus Christ, every knee bow, and God is God, who can not. His words are yes and amen! The devils shiver by mentioning the name of Jesus. I'm more than a winner through Jesus Christ. It is neither power nor power, but of the Spirit of the Lord that I can do all things. I am the head and not the tail. The Lord has told me that the waters now say that I am strong … Let the poor say that I am rich because of the Lord's doing. I will not fear terror at night or the arrow that flies that day, nor the pestilence that stems in the dark, nor the plague that destroys at noon. Thousands can fall by the side and ten thousand on my right hand, but it does not come close to me.

Because the one who lives in the shelter of the highest will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say to the Lord, "He is my refuge and fortress, my God, whom I trusted in." I will lift my shield of faith and it will extinguish all the firefighting darts of the enemy. And it is written: What I bind the earth with my words, it is then bound in heaven too. "If Christ is for me … who can be against me?" The Lord is able to make all graces reach me. The Lord has blessed me so that I can speak into my circumstances and push back on the dark enemy. God's Word is a two-pointed sword that can cut all the way to the marrow. I raise my sword. I speak those things that are not; as they were and then they will come forth. I'm not moved from what I see. I see with the eyes of my Spirit It is also written that what I am kidding on earth is free in heaven. Therefore, I lose the angels of heaven to come and surround me. and they will lift me up and they will look over me so i will not even hurt my heel. With my God, I can run through a group and jump over the wall. The Lord has given me hands to walk in high places. I have gained authority over all the power of the enemy. Jesus said that more work should I do because he has gone to the Father. And God is a god who can not live. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Let the poor say that I am rich

I know that according to Deuteronomy 8:18, "It is the Lord God who gives me power to create wealth." Everything I laid my hands will boast. My God will give all my needs according to His Kingdom in glory. I give; That's why I'm given a good case, pressed down, together and running over what others give in my bosom. The blessing of the Lord does the rich, and he does not worry. The great man waters, and he will be watered at the time. For the Lord has said that I can prove him in this. that if I give tithes of my first growth … he will open the window of heaven and pour out blessings so big that I can not contain everything. And he will punish the purpose for my sake. The Lord will personally reprove enemies for my sake. Blessed is he who feareth the Lord, who findeth great pleasure in his commandments. My children will be strong in the land, and the generations of the resurrected will be blessed. Wealth and riches are in my house, and righteousness lasts forever.

Even in darkness, light is revealed to the upright, merciful and merciful man. The righteous will never leave, nor their children see bread. Although we went through fire and water, you have brought us to a rich place. You, Lord, long for all that we will flourish, as our soul has a good effect. Nothing good will you keep those who walk upright. We are blessed in our basket. We are blessed to come into the city and leave the city. Lord, you said that we will eat the fruit of the goods. That's why I say I'm strong and not weak. I am rich and not bad. I'm healthy and not sick. I'm not stupid.

For the dark man will not take anything from the Lord. I trust in the Lord with all my strength and I will not let my mouth speak twice. I say that although the view is successful, I'll wait for it. I will speak what I will receive and I will not doubt or be afraid. Because your word says the word that goes out of your mouth will not return invalid, but will achieve what you want and achieve the goal it was stolen.

I will remember that I am an approved lover. "And if my conscience condemns me again, Jehovah is greater than my conscience."


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