Pros and cons of goals

No matter what age you are or what level of life you find yourself in, you need goals! Just if you do not think you have to set goals … browse through this list and see how many of them apply to you.

– Even if you're busy, do little

– You have little passion for what you do, nothing wakes you anymore

– You Spread Your Work to Fill Your Day

– You Know You

– You Wonder What The Future Happens To You

– You're Waiting For Someone To Be Successful

– Life seems boring for you

These lists seem like a list of someone with a pretty miserable life ! Let me show you how setting limits could change this for this person.

1. Policy

The goal gives you a policy. You know what you're aiming for. You know when to do it. You are investing your time wisely and for purpose.

2. Control

You take control of your life. Your life is not controlled by circumstances but by what you want to achieve.

3. Motivation and Energy

The goal encourages you because you know the outcome and you want to achieve it. When you get momentum, you get more energy too!

4. Better decisions

When you have a specific policy in your life, make better decisions because you know what you want and what you do not want in your life.

Decide today that you will not spend another year by being busy but not actually catching anything. Begin to look at your life, evaluate the areas you want to change and start making the little goals you can achieve to get the ball to roll!


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