Purpose Settings – When expansion fails

I had a bad day off yesterday. I'm a regular marketer, and usually I do a good job of dealing with things. I usually get the daily tasks I've set and do exactly what I need to do.

But wherever I'm trying, I'm trying to expand my performance and I'm quite a barren day. What's annoying is that when it happens, I know exactly what I'm doing. I can clearly see that I'm allowing myself to be overcome by laziness, but I still allow it to happen.

The conclusion is that I'm destroying the whole day in a cowardly, imperceptible, inactivity and I feel unwell and consumed by guilt on my own obsession.

I'm getting better, though I have developed some useful methods for sipping a postponement in my breast.

  1. Make it happen. A foreigner can be very handsome and will sneak at you if you're not awake. Suddenly you think you've spent a few hours doing something that was supposed to take you for five minutes. I usually find that my postponement begins when I get close to the end of the project and the finish line is on the spot. I think it's because I'm afraid that now I have to show my pet's creativity to the world and it scares me so my temptation tries to protect me. When does it usually start? What are calls?
  2. Make an immediate plan. My only defense is to get right down to the basics of action. Step one is reminding me of what today is a task. Step two is breaking it into small chunks and when the postponement is imminent, I find those lumps need to be even smaller than usual. I usually share right down to & # 39; ten minute bits; tiny features that can be completed in ten minutes or less. Step three is to choose the first ten minute lump & # 39; to be completed.
  3. Do it, do it, do it. I realize that I almost have to scream on myself, like a cruel drill coach, to get me to take the first step. I have chosen a ten-minute approach, giving me carrot and the letter. My spiritual shells and threats of dire consequences are the letter, but this is the balance of the comforting, caring thought that I only need to work for ten minutes. Then I simply knock down and perform my ten minute operation. As soon as I do, I suddenly find myself in the groove. I'm absorbed in the project, the postponement is coming back and I get back on track. The relief is terrible.

After ten minutes, I take either a short break before taking the next dose, or I feel so excited that I continue.


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