Self-esteem Bible Confirmation – The Power of Your Spoken Word

Using the Bible Bible Confirmation, the practice is to speak God's Word about yourself and others in a positive and positive way. The autonomous Bible Confirmation is not new as some think. Positive self-assessment has been around for as long as the Bible itself!

About 950 BC is a famous, wealthy and amazing wise king of Solomon recorded: "Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love him will eat their fruit." (Proverbs 18:21 NKJV). Here King Solomon explains all the time that our words have authority! And it is up to us to use the Power of Independence Bible confirmation for the benefit of life, not death.

Then, almost 1,000 years later, another great king confirmed Solomon's wisdom even further. Jesus Christ said, "The good man of good treasure of his heart brings forth good things, and evil man from evil treasures is evil things … for your words you will be justified and your words will be judged." (Matthew 12: 35- 37, NKJV). Obviously, these two great kings knew the enormous weight and power of the words that came out of our mouths! How is something that seems small and harmless as our tongue has the power of life and death? And what are the consequences of these powers when it comes to self-serving Bible confirmations?

The Bible tells us that we are in God's image and we know from the scripture that God uses his word to create and reveal. Likewise, we are encouraged to use our words to enhance life and to benefit us and ourselves. The Bible assures us that the power of our words is real – and it has lasting consequences. From these Bible verses and others it is clear that the words we speak are very important! This would include self-testimony confirmation.

The scriptures encourage us to use the words we speak with wisdom, caution and caution. What is interesting is that spoken words exist in the US REALM. You do not have to convince yourself to believe in the words of words because we all know that this power exists. We can not see what we speak; yet we can find the word of the word and see their impact in our lives . The same is true when we regularly use Bible tests.

The words we are talking and hearing are so powerful that positive self-assertive words may not be used by many to help them succeed in the world of sports, business, entertainment, politics and so on. Just about any person who has had a lot of personal achievement has used, to some extent, the power of positive self-expression, positive affirmation, positive expectations or positive ideology. Since the Bible speaks so much about this subject and we can simply see the fruit of this rule in daily life, we can only conclude that there must be true spiritual laws: life and death are in the power of the tongue. This universal principle of power spoken words applies to everyone, from all lifestyles, in whatever way they choose to use it (for positive or negative).

If successful achievers understand the power of positive self-esteem decisions, should we not take a quote from them and use the power of positive self-teaching and confirmation of the Bible in our daily lives? If the most spiritual book of all time (the Bible) tells us that life and death are in the power of the tongue, should we not take this timeless wisdom and regularly use our words for the purpose of living and blessing?

I invite you today to join me to transform negative words into something that is positive and inspiring for yourself and the world around you. If you do not know how to start using an Independent Chat Bible Confirmation, "Talk Out of Scriptures" is a great tool for anyone who wants to benefit from listening to positive self-esteem and Bible issues (to help renew your mind) while inspired using papers from the Bible to talk and life and blessing over yourself and others.


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