Setting goals is not enough to accomplish it: Here's what you need

If you browse the internet every day, you'll always find articles about targeting.


Because it's important. The goal helps you set the stage for what needs to be done about your life, career or goal. However, so often, primarily when the goal is focused on our personal life goals, we lack.

Not too long ago, I realized that less than 10% of those who start their personal life goal at some point will still work the following year.

Look at your own life.

Has this occurred?

Have you told yourself that you were going to do something big, move yourself just to watch the dream and the goal disappear after a couple of weeks or months?

Why does it happen so often?

How is a decision taken

Most of their lives make it a point to decide to do something and set goals only to not monitor. Countless times, countless men say they want to accomplish something and then not too soon, what precautions disappear and dissatisfaction puts their reality. The reason why this happens so often is that when people make decisions, the fact is that they have not really decided.

A decision is not taken when you say you want to do something.

A decision is only taken when you constantly monitor the realization of the dream.

You see, a decision is something that will only be realized when you have taken a little step every day to support the dream.

What determines a real decision

Suppose you've "decided" that you want to go back to school and retrain so that you can move on to another career. You are tired of your current job prospects, no more room for progress, or just need something else.

One day you decide you want to go back to school. So, in your mind, you made a decision. You may even tell those around you that you have decided to return to school and retrain.

The fact is that you have not "decided" anything until you have registered, attended a course and obtained your validation certificate. Until you have retraining completed, every day, you can let go. Therefore, a decision is not decided until you are fully committed to it.

Set goals to set reality

Success that achieved its goals has a few things in common. These are factors that you need to keep in mind to ensure your goal is also successful.

  • Clarity: Successful target groups clarify their goals. In other words, they all have the objects in the goal obviously as it had already been realized. The more detail, the better.
  • Common practices: Those who succeed in their goals understand that it is a daily routine that will reach them to the end. In our example, it's going to school every week and not to feel excuses when there's hard and temptation is there to stop.
  • Plans: Some are organizers and others prefer to move. The fact is that with goals, research has shown that organizers work. Develop a plan of your goal and keep it.
  • No Out: Many times people talk about option B, but it's often an excuse for departing from the goal. Forget Option B. When a challenge comes up (and it will) in your job towards the goal, adjust but not get lost. Do not create option B and, as they say, "burn boats."

The goal is essential for life or business, but that's not enough. It's not enough to say just that you're doing something. The goal involves a few factors that make sure that you are not one of the majority of people who set goals only to abandon it or drop it next to within one year.


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