SMART goal setting – the key to making it great!

I have previously written about SMART targeting, but after much reading and thinking, I now understand that the goals need to be smaller to succeed.

SMART dark, broken down:

S – The goal must be special and the more accurate the better. Define your goals with more precise terms than possible.

M – The goal should be qualifiable. What you recommend will be treasured, so think about what will be a measure of your goal.

A – The goal should be guaranteed. Who or what are you responsible for the goal?

R – The goal must be realistic. Unrealistic goals will lead to negligence.

T – The goal should be temporary. Determine the timetable to the end and keep it.

E-goal should be exciting. Exciting goals will be fulfilled far beyond boring, gentle goals.

R – A goal must be recorded, a place where you can view it every day.

Okay, let's break down one of my goals for 2006 and see how it works in action.

I will earn a Qualent Toast Master (CTM) design before December 1, 2006.

Special – Yes, this is very special. It says exactly what I'm going to do.

Measurable – Yes, this is measurable. CTM designation is something that takes 10 aliens to do in Toastmasters, so if I do these 10 steps, this goal will be achieved.

Warranty – I'll share it with you, so I'll be responsible for all of you. I also have this in my workplace goals, where public speaking is part of what I do and to let my Muslim searcher know about my goal (I send him this post), so I'm responsible for many others.

Realistic – This is a truly realistic goal for me. I have given 2 speeches in 2005, so I need to increase the output 4 times. I can do this, but it will take effort.

Exciting – definitely an exciting goal for me to achieve. As a new Toastmaster, I will be able to improve my talents by doing this and it will also help the company to gain more status.

Recorded – I wrote it here, I put it on a memory card with my other goals, it will be in my system at work and I will review it every day to remind me that I'm important.

What are your goals in 2006? How can I help you set SMART goals? Let me know because I love to help you make it great!


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