Start your day in a positive way by using the confirmation

Confirmation is a simple statement of something that you want to come into your life. Whatever you emphasize in your world; negative or positive, you create and enter your world.

Just think about it for a while. Whatever you emphasize.

It actually puts us in the driver's seat of our own lives. No longer can we spend our time teaching outside our people what we do.

Once you have acknowledged that nobody is outside of yourself who has the power to influence you, your life and perspective are transformed. You are the power! It's such an important statement. What are you going to do with your power? What kind of world do you want to build? How do you strengthen yourself?

Is it not just wise to focus on the beauty, happiness and happiness we all want? I believe we can all train (or retrain) our minds to focus on positive things in life. When we do that, our lives and our world will truly be transformed.

So, where do you start? It's easy to start your day in a positive way by using a confirmation. Every day, find one thing, just one that you are very grateful for. Emphasize it alone and let the thought of gratitude fill your body and mind. You will be surprised at how many things you start to find that are already in your life that you are grateful for.

By concentrating on being grateful to you, you are consciously creating and entering the law of attraction. The law of attraction states that what we emphasize our minds brings more of it into our lives. Emphasize what you love in your life, good things and more good things will come to you.

Here are some confirmation to begin:

"I am divine guidance in everything I say and all I do."

"I left my creativity through me and out to the world."

"I am drawing a loving and supportive relationship in my life."

Confirmations for health, wealth, happiness and joy are all at your fingertips.

Try them out for yourself. Notice if you feel different, look at circumstances differently or see people in your life that treat you differently.

Remember that you are a powerful creator. Create something amazing!


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