Successful coaches are full of white

If you are a good coach, is it a manager of a coach, business coach or business coach, do you show your wit when training your clients? Have you learned how to utilize that wit to increase customer performance?

White is defined by Webster as "The power of thought and reasoning, good understanding, wisdom, to make clever comments." When I think about this word and its meaning, I realize that this simple word – is defined by each letter. And more importantly, being a professional trainer, I could safely take advantage of each of these letters in all communication with my customers. Please let me explain.

Webster said that one of the definitions of wit is wisdom. The first letter in this word is W. As a trainer, you may share your wisdom with your customers whenever necessary. According to my coach, David Herdlinger, "Wisdom is learning from the mistakes of others." What great definition and how relevant within a successful training process.

Another word in the definition of intelligence is good. This implies that the value of honesty is present. Successful coaches must have integrity. Without honesty, these coaches would not get the references needed to build their practice.

Finally, when you look at the phrase "thoughts and thoughts," this indicates that perseverance will also be present. Sometimes coaches need to think and review to help their clients especially when using training methods. Also, these coaches are also utilizing the power of thought and reasoning within their clients. Applying these actions requires perseverance – the ability to continue, keep on going, bypassing previous inertia and obstacles.

If you are a coach and want to improve your performance, consider using WIT to achieve the goal. Knowing wisdom, integrity and perseverance will be crucial and let them run your behavior every day in all relationships.


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