Successful goal setting

The goal is a great way for everyone to improve their lives and change their position. What your goals are, with a great action plan and in spite of your implementation, you can achieve it. People are shown to produce better results when encouraged to a certain extent.

The setting goal allows you to focus your energy on clear, measurable advances, and keep moving on. It helps you set your activities towards your priorities and avoid getting distracted from inappropriate tasks.

One of the most important keys to setting goals is to ensure that you follow and catch them. Research has shown that there are several key factors that help individuals succeed in successful results:

Whether you expect success or not (and how your positive expectations are)

Your self-esteem and basics of your ability to Achieving Achievements

Level of Obligations You Need to Achieve the Goal

Furthermore, research has shown that certain and challenging goals lead to more success than simple. To get you to achieve some kind of performance, it's important that you have clarity about exactly what you want to do yourself. By this I mean clear, specific actions.

Here are some important questions to ask you before setting your goals:

Do I believe I can achieve this goal?

Am I committed to accomplish this?

Personal Goal Setting 101

To start with, you can start with a few simple questions that help you clear what's important to you and set the appropriate goals for your life:

Where do you want to stay for 10 years? What do you want to achieve when?

What do you want to achieve in your life?

If you could only get three things and feel good about yourself, what would they be?

Look at the big picture of what you want your life to be like, then this picture breaks down into a series of big goals. Take those big goals and take them down in a few steps. Achieving each goal requires a number of actions. Define what these steps are and how you will go about achieving them.

> Relationship
> Success

> Friendship
> Family

Think about what's most important to you and what you want to accomplish your life for each of these areas.

SMART Criteria

Each goal should be set according to SMART criteria as follows:

Spec – You want to make your goals very accurate so that someone can decide if you have achieved your goal or not [19659002] Measurable – You want to set standards that are measurable by some standards. For example, instead of saying Financial Freedom say $ 1 million in the bank.

Action – Instead of focusing on what you want to accomplish, focus on what you're doing. Instead of saying "have savings in the bank" say "save 10% of my earnings from each pay and put it into long-term investments."

Rewarding – Choose something you enjoy and it will make you happy. Try to put your goal on positive instead of negative. Instead of saying "work out every day" say "go to the gym and go to yoga meeting with my friends." Try to make your goals positive and fun as you can.

Timely – Set a deadline for your goal so you can not delay or extend the deadline. This reduces you to get into the butt and in action.


Once you have set your goals clearly, you need to prioritize those goals with a series of importance. Take your list and sort them with the most urgent goals that need to be achieved now.

If you have not achieved goals while you may want to start with smaller goals you can achieve quickly. This will help to provide you with confidence and encouragement. Once your priorities are set, it now comes down to time management.

Time management

Are you going to play on the computer instead of focusing on your priorities? What's more important to you, little fun watching TV now? Or the life of financial freedom by setting time to learn about investment.

When your priorities are clear, you must now change how you change your time. Give more of your time to prioritization and less of everything else. This causes you to achieve your goals faster than almost anything else.

Set clear goals, know what you want and when you are clear what needs to be done, allocate the necessary time to accomplish it. The goal setting does not have to be difficult when you have clarity and clear action plan. With the ones in place, everything left is going to be done. So get started!


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