Take your confirmation step further


If you have been successful with your confirmation, it is because the use of self-assessment has a significant impact on quality of life. If our self-esteem and thoughts are primarily negative, the consequences of our lives are mostly negative. I know that this was the story of my life for too long.

Confirmations are very effective when used properly; They really help to train our minds how to think right and how to move towards what we desire in life.

I keep on some memory cards and when I read them out at least five times a day, they make a lot of difference in how I think and feel that day! Furthermore, the confirmation will further deepen the change at the same time over time.

Some of my favorite confirmations are:

  • I take risks
  • Courage encourages me
  • I take initiative
  • I am confident

An important thing about confirming sentences is that Say what you want in modern times, because today's subconscious mind makes sense. If the confirmation is in the future (example: I will be small) the mind will be lazy because it does not feel the need to respond now, it can wait until later.

Beyond Affirmations

Recently, I have heard about accepting one step further. There are different names I've heard for the process but the process is the same: Turn confirmations to questions. Turning confirmation to questions to ask yourself makes this process so impressive to bring the actual change!

I'm really inspired by this next step for confirmation, I can see how asking questions can really take it to the next level by getting the subconscious to work even harder to make it happen.

The questions cause the subconscious not only to create what is needed, but to answer the question further. This process gives the subconscious opportunity to come up with new ideas that could possibly be much greater than we allow ourselves to hope for or imagine in a conscious way!

The questions need to be very specific by using this method, which is great because we wish for certain results. You can also use less specific questions and more specific questions will likely be encountered when you continue to ask your different questions.

To get you started, try some of these questions:

  • How will I lose the first five pounds?
  • Why will I increase my income?
  • How can I get more readers on my blog?
  • Why do I continue to find things my spouse does right?
  • How can I create a product that my readers will buy eagerly?
  • Why is my home so organized?
  • How do I spend more quality time with my family?
  • Why am I so happy all the time?
  • Why is my business so good?

to your success!


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