Teleconferencing – A step in networking training

The call recording method is one of the best ways to train a network operator and ensure quality. Here is a nine-step plan to train agents and improve the quality of service in any call center:

1. Random recording is important. Do not pick up three calls back to or on the same day as the employee's performance is not based on just one day but more like average performance at certain times. The agent may lack quality in several calls but does not need to reflect their typical performance.

2. Review the calls, check the strengths and check potential improvements. Before you meet your employees, hear the calls and check what they are doing and know the opportunity to improve performance.

3. Play a tape and let the employee listen. When playing a tape there is no need to answer.

4. After the table is played, ask your employees to answer. Most employees become too self-determined. Many center centers will likely take into account many possibilities for improvement and struggle to shape what they have done well.

5. Train center centers. Use the "sandwich" approach. Tell your employees that they have been successful, after constructive criticism, and then ending with positive feedback. When you offer constructive practices, share opportunities for improvement. The agent is quite interesting and can probably suggest a few options to improve but the hearing offerings help to improve their performance.

6. Get a commitment to improve performance. Ask workers, "What specific measures will be taken in the next 5 days to improve in this area?" Write down what employees say and repeat. Summarize the meeting by repeating the strengths and offering a vote that can be improved in the area specified.

7. Repeat steps 2-6 with the second and third editions, if necessary, if necessary. At this time, each network operator can learn step by step his mistakes and failures and will soon resort to wanting to improve.

8. Follow-up for next exercise. Check with your employees between workouts to maintain commitments for each agent. You can contact employees by email or personal conversation.

9. Talk about improvement in the next exercise for center centers. Before you listen to the calls during the next exercise, ask employees how they have added them from the last session. Search for improvements to the calls that are being viewed at the next meeting.

This 9 step training center for the Center Center is simple, clear and supports an opportunity for improvement.

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