The 5 mark of bad coaches

The term & # 39; coach & # 39; was invented in Hollywood. There is nothing kidding, it was a bit of a hug & # 39; and soon became a buzzword that had everyone talking. Celebrities and celebrities had a coach for workout, career, drama and now personal choice & nbsp; expert & # 39; to advise them. Even before the mother started, it was on the wrong track.

At the same time, leading mental health figures were developing courses that were not for the weak, but for the healthy chief who wanted more and willing to put their energy behind their goals, "no matter what & # 39 ; .Sales, which are already popular and are going to get increased production from "manufacturers", went to the idea of ​​a "coach", often a sports coach who could lengthen the chart in other areas, increase popularity and somewhere along the line, is & # 39; Lifesaver & nbsp; jump from & # 39; Hollywood flares to affordable job opportunities for those who have a background and the reality of performing a project.

But good things are always "bad" and "and in the past ten years, the area has expanded into a billion dollar industry. Get rich, quick advertising, has promised people to practice workouts in practice to" turn on life around you & # 39; and have advertised your ads ironically to people who are "stuck", people who are looking for a new opportunity to make big money now. "#:. People can call themselves the coach if they just put an ad in the magazine or on

The value of coaching is well documented. Lots of reliable, professional and dedicated coaches help people achieve their goals, overcome bad habits, create new positive practices, and let go of limited attitudes. trust, but not naivete, such as in all areas, let the buyer take care of it.

Here are 5 signs that you have a "Bad coach":

1. Training is not psychology, psychology or treatment . Training is about behavior and attitude, not finding root or sourcing issues. If your trainer is spending time talking about the past, about what happened report a child or suggest hypnosis, repetition or other treatment such as non-physical activity, they endanger your mental health!

2. Not a special, "smart feel" General approach is okay for some things, but not for training . A good coach will create highly specific, temporary goals and monitor them with you. If there are no discussions about goals, timelines and specific actions to achieve the goals, what are you paying for?

3. The conversation must be about you . A coach who tells stories of his past achievements , interfering with you, spending too much time chatting is more like a paid friend. A coach is only effective when you are well and should listen more than talking. You know you have a bad coach if you goes away from a meeting because you have not heard & # 39; Make sure you understand each meeting with a possible term that came out of you and share what is most urgent for you.

4. Behavior is all in a coach . Late late late late, often discontinuing meetings, showing unprepared, blocked or disturbed, is not walking. Training does not work if it is a theory from a book or ideology thought as advice and # 39; Coaches need to actively participate in learning and growing in their own lives and models of training they offer.

5. Largest & # 39; bad coach & # 39; The sign is when the coach's schedule replaces your . A trainer who retrieves & nbsp; biscuit cutter & # 39; lessons, according to the model they learned in & # 39; school training & # 39; and who says & trust me & # 39; but what you need to talk about is to leave your own schedule. As a good football manager, the coach needs to know that you are a player on the pitch and that you are set goals is what the game is about.

It's a lot of value to be by using a coach, manager of a coach or self-employed coach, and violence and misconduct a few times violates the good results of many, even if you have a bad coach, Don & # 39; T give up. Most coaches agree to a free screening interview before you agree to join them, and you can request interviews and talk to them as you would for someone you were employed to work for you.

The question here is that while a coach works for you, you must be able to have a hard love & # 39; Access to you, the ability to tell you things you do not want to hear without worrying that you will not attend for the next time. I conduct clients for a 3-month minimum period and set measurable and clear goals at the first meeting. At the end of each meeting, I ask for & # 39; What are you walking away with? & # 39; A & # 39; good & # 39; The coach should do the same.

Most of all, the true test to hire a coach, good or bad, are you asking yourself, "Am I such a big thing that would require a coach?"


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