The difference between training and guidance

When we hear the words trained or suggested, bring vivid images . The training of these days is almost always associated with sports. So when we hear a word-of-practice training, the image of a coach is trying to encourage his players by eagging them and trying to encourage them. We think about the encouraging inspiration of spikes inside the locker room. However, when we think about the word suggested, a different image comes in mind; An image that calls for images of an elderly man who goes on his wisdom and knowledge to a newcomer. We imagine that the elderly man is spending a long time with this young man trying to teach him how to sharpen his talent and use it appropriately and also teach him how to improve and become a better person in other areas of his life .

Many pictures are pretty accurate. For more useful purposes, however, it is important to define these ideas first. As a general definition, training is the way to help a person by creating the best environment that helps to enhance his skills and abilities and develop his thinking and behavioral patterns. [19659005] Mentoring however, is more personal communication where the mentor's wisdom is sent to the student or protégé in the matter. In most cases, the trainer is the one who has learned about this wisdom for a while, by going down the same path as the instructor is running. Both training and guidance are invaluable factors in personal development.

How can training and guidance be useful in a common environment? Businesses have long realized the real loans that human history has taught us. Every person needs some kind of personal help, even if this help is different from a person. People who have been successful in various areas of life will claim to have sought someone in their years of production or to go to a challenging season in their lives where someone specifically and deliberately gave them unobtrusive attention and was largely responsible for these individuals & # 39; survival and success stories. People are fallible and need help to be on their way, be responsible for long-term guidance, efficiently managing their resources, interacting with people, and simply keeping their lives and affairs together or in a row. While some are naturally good in these, most people need at least some help. And when their talents and talents are helped, nurtured, encouraged and confirmed, they become very powerful men in all they do. This is what companies have begun to understand the importance of it. So how could they do this?

While there are some goals and activities in training and guidance, companies must first focus on what their goals are. What are its long-term plans and expectations for a particular department? What employee is an investment? # Is this employee educated enough to complete long-term personal training and suggested interventions? In settings outside of life, sometimes the lines between the two blurred and overlap little. In a business setting, this can be a little organized. Training can be done in a broader format that involves many individuals at certain jobs and goals of the company that is in line with larger views. However, when it comes to instructions, it may include a senior person who selects a particular person, investing and grooming for responsibility that is more responsible for the future of the company.

Organizations continue to understand and implement organizations efforts to invest in Training and Guidance Training programs for employees. While the benefits of these are enormous, it is important for senior employees to invest a significant amount of time in the development of individuals in the company. These are invaluable tools for improving vocational education and achieving total appreciation for employees on the implementation of the program of training and teaching training of the company.


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